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The Nokian NTR-843 is a prime example of the famous Nordic expertise in winter tyres. The new front axle winter tyre has a tread design that is vastly different from its predecessors. The Nokian NTR-843 is the first ever winter truck tyre with a fully siped tread pattern. Results from real-life tests prove the two main strengths of the tyre: superb wear-resistance and great grip even when worn.

The new tyre has been developed for northern winter conditions. It is designed for heavy-duty line hauling, long-distance buses and timber trucks. Advanced testing technology was applied in the development of the Nokian NTR-843 tyre: a completely new test was developed to measure lateral forces affecting the tyre to enable optimum lateral grip.

Bold tread design ' grip even when worn
The new tyre has been compared with the first ever front axle truck winter tyre, the Nokian S-825, that was launched some ten years ago and is generally believed to be the finest Nordic front axle winter tyre for extreme winter conditions.

The new Nokian NTR-843 is clearly better than its predecessor. The driving results are clearly better and the wear resistance of the new front axle tyre is 25% better than that of its predecessor. The tyre has remarkable lasting grip: even when worn, it has 10% better grip than its predecessor.

The unique tread design applies the siping technology that is used on Nokian passenger car tyres. The patented Spiral Sipe System ensures lasting grip by making the tread pattern firm enough even as the tyre wears. Thanks to the new siping, the tread wears evenly and the siping also reduces tyre noise.

In addition to spiral siping, the tread of the Nokian NTR-843 has strongly curved longitudinal grooves. When the tyre rolls, the changing side angles of the grooves create a minor movement in the tread pattern giving the tread great self-cleaning and stone-ejecting properties. The tread depth is 18 mm.

The tyre has rounded shoulders and the shoulder area is studdable with stud holes marked on the tyre. Two thirds of the shoulder rib is unsiped.

For best grip, the Nokian NTR-843 should be mounted in the autumn. The tyre comes in three sizes (295/80 R 22.5, 315/80 R 22.5 and 385/65 R 22.5). The main markets for the new tyre designed and tested by Nokian Tyres are the Nordic countries, Germany and the Alpine region. The tyre is being manufactured at the Michelin factory in Stomil Olsztyn.

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