It’s all in the feel

Even the best instruments cannot tell you what a tyre feels like to drive.

Each year, Nokian Tyres’ test drivers cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres, feeling, sensing, and evaluating. Once the vehicle has become part of the body, the tyre tester knows what a tyre feels like. In addition to Finland, we perform tyre testing worldwide, on different road surfaces and in quickly changing weather. The world's best test drivers, a wide scope of testing activities, and versatile testing equipment ensure that the tyres work in the best possible way under varying conditions – and even in extreme situations.

High-speed tyres are also tested abroad

Tyres that are designed for fast driving and high performance vehicles must also be tested at the appropriate speeds. The testing centre in Nokia is not sufficient for testing UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyres to the required extent and level of detail. In Finland, the seasonal variations make testing times very short for summer tyres. This is why foreign test tracks are also required.

In order to achieve comprehensive results, we test wet grip, aquaplaning properties, and handling in Idiada, Spain and Papenburg, Germany, among other places. In the winter, tyre tests are run in South Africa.

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Products which have been carefully tailored for different applications and which have passed strict tests impress their users and open the door to success.

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