At Nokian Tyres, we work to bring you home safe. Sustainability is an essential part of our business: we aim for safety and eco-friendliness throughout the tire’s life cycle. 

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Nokian Tyres has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative since 2015 and is committed to developing its business in a sustainable way. 

Read more about our material topics, SDGs, value chain, and impact on society.


Our goal is to manage the environmental impacts of our products over their entire life cycle. 

Read more about our targets and achievements and how we manage energy, emissions and waste.


Our goal is to be an attractive employer globally that is known for its sustainability, leadership, and truly international working community with diverse teams around the world. 

Read more about our work on a more flexible working environment, our people, and how we improve safety at work. 

Supply chain

Our principles in all operations are fairness and respecting human rights, whether we are dealing with our personnel or other stakeholders.

Read more about human rights, responsible sourcing and how our audits have helped to improve labor rights.


Nokian Tyres ensures the technical quality of its products by testing and studying each raw material used in tire manufacture.

Read more about our R&D, renewable raw materials and why we are so keen to reduce the rolling resistance of our tires.

Certificates, Reports and Awards

Nokian Tyres has a long-term commitment to sustainability regarding our own products and operations as well as making a difference within the whole tire industry.

Environmental,- safety- and quality policy

We commit to complying with laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of our customers. In our operations, we take into account ethical principles, biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development.

Nokian Tyres Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy

With the Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy, Nokian Tyres’ goal is to contribute to sustainable business practice throughout the entire natural rubber supply chain, and thereby also contribute to a more sustainable development and future.