Our purpose, vision and values

Our purpose, vision and values

Why does Nokian Tyres exist? What is the meaning we want to have for the world?

What we are proud of and what we aspire to be is summarized to a clear core: we stand for safety and sustainability; we drive innovation and think ahead to the future.

Looking to the future, technology and conditions are changing fast. In this changing world, we see a clear position for Nokian Tyres as the premium innovative brand made for demanding conditions.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose:  
Make the world safer by reinventing tires, and how they are made, over and over again.

We work to make the world a safer place for all through our tires. A safer place to drive, work and live, and for generations to come. For drivers, passengers and for those crossing roads. For professionals keeping the business rolling. And for us working to make the journey safer. 

For us, safety is created by a safe working environment for our people, by the safe products that can be relied on in all conditions whether behind the wheel or not, by operating responsibly and sustainably, and by reducing our environmental impact to sustain life on earth. 

Each day we are ready to rethink, retry and challenge ourselves to do more and develop what we have invented, pushing the frontiers in everything we do. Over and over again.

Our vision

Our vision: 
Lead the world to drive smarter.

As the tire industry pioneer, we are set to keep ahead. We enable smarter driving for people and businesses and lead the journey by example and inspiration.

Smarter driving means delivering the next level of safety and sustainability in mobility and in making tires for smarter vehicles.  Mobility is becoming connected, autonomous, shared, and electric. Manufacturing is driven forward by advanced technologies, and the next generation of smart and circular raw materials. 

We strive for progress by being resilient, and courageous in make pioneering decisions, sometimes for the first time in the world. Having a firm grip of the future means envisioning the journey and innovating ahead of the curve with continuous development, an open mindset, and collaboration.

Our values

We care

We care

  • Respectful behavior, and willingness to support are core in our daily interactions. 
  • We are committed to acting ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. 
  • We are a reliable partner to our consumers and customers; we always deliver on our promises. ​
We drive innovation

We drive innovation

As resilient pioneers of our industry we are leading the way, determined to find the smartest solutions
  • We have courage to transform, renew, and continuously improve our ways of working.​ 
  • We want to become better in everything we do by sharing knowledge and best practices.​ 
  • We are curious and eager to break new ground.​ 
  • We discover revolutionary inventions that help our customers and us succeed in a safe and sustainable way.
We deliver high results together

We deliver high results together

We team up to continuously improve and succeed together
  • We take ownership to strive for the best result in everything we do and drive collaboration and dialogue at all levels across the whole organization.
  • Engaging each other and working together with colleagues, consumers, customers, and partners will enable us to achieve the greatest results and exceed expectations.