Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Promise

Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Promise

Make your purchase in one of our specified shops, and we will give you a special guarantee:
If you aren’t happy with your new Nokian Tyres, you may swap them to another set free of charge.

Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Promise may not be available in all countries. Please contact your Nokian Tyres specified retailer for details.

How to proceed if you are not satisfied?

1 Deliver the tIres to the retailer

The Nokian Tyres Satisfaction guarantee is valid only for a set of four tires of the same model, purchased and mounted at the same time.

2 Choose replacement set of tIres

The customer’s chosen replacement set of tires must be the same size as the returned one, or at least for the same vehicle and rim.

3 Fill out the return form together with the tIre dealer

The customer must complete the return form together with the tire dealer.