HR management at Nokian Tyres

The purpose of HR management is creating an effective and functional work community. Determined HR management efforts help our committed, motivated, and professional personnel to further develop their competence, support their well-being at work, and promote equal treatment. Managers implement our company and management culture into the everyday work of our personnel in a natural and consistent way. Well planned HR management provides the tools that are necessary for good management work and for improving leadership skills. The competence and inventiveness of our personnel are our most important resource that needs a safe and healthy work environment.

Human resources at Nokian Tyres

We build success together

Everyone has an opportunity to grow and learn in our company. In accordance with our ethical principles, our company develops and implements a company culture that promotes fair and equal treatment and respect. Everyone contributes to our profitable growth and success regardless of his or her position.

Good HR management

Our efforts focus on the generally recognised elements of physical and mental well-being as well as on continuous learning and the development of the work environment. Good management practices are essential for our operations. Work that focuses on inventiveness is one way to support leadership and the active participation of our personnel in line with our company culture. We develop competence in a strategic and proactive manner that addresses future needs. To improve the functionality of our work community, we track the well-being and commitment of our personnel as well as the level of service that we provide.

Influencing local communities

We pay salaries and taxes, and we have built homes and a day-care centre for the personnel of our location in Russia. Furthermore, we support local sports clubs with minor contributions and sponsor a school in Nokia. Our tradition of giving back to our communities goes back to the early 1900s when our company built housing for the personnel. We at Nokian Tyres believe that even small actions matter.

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