On four paws

On four paws

Traffic is collaboration. In most cases it flows fluently, but sometimes it’s slow and jammed. Sometimes you have to resort to elbowing or cross-checking. You race and tease. You’re in a hurry. You’re tired. The most essential, most vulnerable element in driving is sitting behind the steering wheel – the human element. The car’s safety equipment provides some protection but it can’t correct all errors. Tyres are an active safety feature. They are the four paws, the palms of your car’s hands - the hands in which you trust your life.

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Summer tires and safety

In these exceptional times, tires may seem like a small concern. It may feel like using non-studded winter tires this summer is less of a hassle than changing into summer tires - especially as many of us are not driving as much as usual right now. However, tires are as important part of road safety as ever and even during a global pandemic summer tires in good condition will increase your safety on summer roads considerably. Here’s why you should not forget to take a look at what’s rolling under your car.

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