Environmental-, safety- and quality policy

Our promise

We develop and manufacture high-quality premium products and services that offer users safe, economical and comfortable driving kilometres. We offer our customers the best service in the tyre industry in all fields.

As a front-runner in the industry, we are continuously improving the quality, safety and environmental friendliness of our products, services and processes. Our operations are customer-oriented and profitable. In our operations, we take into account the product's entire life cycle.

How we fulfil our promise

One of the starting points of our operations is uncompromising respect for environmental and safety matters, as well as ensuring high quality and a good customer experience.

We commit to complying with laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of our customers. In our operations, we take into account ethical principles, biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development.

We guarantee the high quality of our products and services with controlled, efficient and closely monitored development, procurement, manufacturing and service processes. When procuring raw materials and ordering work from external service providers, we only select partners who are assessed to be reliable and of good repute.

We are committed to creating healthy and safe work conditions. We identify the dangers in our working environment and minimise the risks.

We strive towards efficiency and zero errors in all operating areas. We co-operate actively with all personnel groups to reach our goals and to ensure good working experience.

Our management sets goals pertaining to finances, the environment, health, safety and quality, monitors their implementation and reserves sufficient resources to meet and maintain these goals.

We familiarise our employees with our basic operating principles and goals and their responsibility for the impacts of their activities on quality and the environment. Furthermore, employees are encouraged to promote quality, occupational and chemical safety, and environmental protection in their activities.

We conduct regular internal audits, assessing the compliance with customer and legislative requirements, regulations and instructions, as well as the efficiency of our operational system.

Our operations are based on these international criteria

Our operations are based on and fulfil the requirements of standards ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 17025, as well as those of customers and authorities. In addition we are committed to UN Global Compact principles.

Hille Korhonen 
President and CEO