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Nokian Tyres plc Press release 29 November 2007

German magazine studies listed

companies: Nokian Tyres the most

productive company in the automotive

sector in Europe

Nokian Tyres is the most productive company in the automotive sector from a group of European stock exchange-listed companies, says German periodical, Manager Magazin, a trusted source in the world of business and finance. In its thorough study, the magazine measured the economic success and productivity of Europe’s 500 largest listed companies, with the aim of showing which companies produce wealth for investors and which consume it.

Porsche was placed second in the automotive sector. Of Nokian Tyres’ competitors, Continental was placed third. Of all companies researched, Nokian Tyres was placed 63rd. The test was being organised for the 18th time.

The aim of the study made by Manager Magazin was to identify the companies, whose productivity exceeds the expectations of capital investors. The Stoxx 600 list was selected for the study, showing the 500 largest European listed companies. The aim was to study the actual yields of the companies. Professor Reinhard Schildt of the University of Halle and the company experts of Deloitte Consulting analysed more than 20,000 items of data from the companies’ annual reports and databases.

In the study, the companies were divided according to business area into 20 different categories, such as automotive, banking, construction, chemicals, energy, trade, healthcare, insurance and raw materials.

The companies’ yields, results and stock exchange value were measured by studying such things as revenue growth, the relationship between share price and book value, equity yield and average stock exchange yield. Research material mainly consisted of key statistics from 2006, which were complemented with average productivity values from 2004 to 2007.

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