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Nokian Heavy Tyres presents its novelties on Agritechnica exhibition:

New Nokian CT BAS trailer tyre – load bearing capacity and stability for construction transportation, top contracting tyre Nokian TRI 2, forestry tyre Nokian Forest King TRS2

New Nokian CT BAS trailer tyre – load bearing capacity and stability for construction transportation

The new Nokian CT BAS tyre is the solution for demand set by heavy trailers. This trailer tyre offers load bearing capability and stability for construction sites together with reliability and predictability which is highly appreciated by the contractors.

The rough environment poses considerable challenges for the tyre construction and tread structure of heavy trailers. Bits of steel, nails and sharp rocks can cause unexpected delays. Nokian Heavy Tyres brings now its top end technology for puncture resistance, which was developed for the forestry tyres, to the construction sites. The tyre features also new BAS-technology developed by Nokian Heavy Tyres. This enables the usage of higher pressure levels in the tyre.

Nokian TRI2 holds its top position among contracting tyres

Nokian TRI 2 has been able to defend its top position among contracting tyres as it combines strong grip, high efficiency, and long durability. It is now even suitable for contracting use all year round representing another leap in product development. This block-patterned contracting tyre provides better grip even for the challenging winter work.

Nokian TRI 2 has ruled tests measuring grip, economies and durability, both on Nokian Tyres' own test track and in independent test drives. The tyre choice can have a major impact on such factors as fuel consumption: TRI 2 tyres can save up to 5 litres of fuel per hour in comparison with competing tyres.

New Nokian Forest King TRS2 forestry tyre – excellent grip and improved traction with and without tracks

Nokian Forest King TRS2 is a totally new traction pattern tyre for forestry forwarders and harvesters up to 15 ton weight. This new addition to the Nokian Forest King family works with and without tracks. The new sharper shoulder design provides better lateral grip and the unique Super Shovel design lugs improve traction and give more support to tracks. Forest King TRS2 has also straight sidewalls for better puncture resistance, and the re-designed bead-area helps preventing rim slip.

Further new forestry tyres by Nokian Heavy Tyres: Nokian Forest King F2 with excellent grip, cost-effective Nokian Nordman Forest F and Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 with new size 35.5L-32

Nokian Forest King F2 – excellent track grip for demanding forestry use

Nokian’s new Forest King F2 provides tested, better track grip for demanding forestry. By increasing the material strength on the tyre shoulders, the puncture protection of the tyre has been further improved. The grip between the tyre and track has been improved by increasing the straight section of the ribs and the grooves on the centre part. This first product of the Nokian Forest King F2 family also introduces a completely new tyre size, 780/50-28.5 PR 24, for forestry machines.

Nokian Nordman Forest F – Reliable and cost-effective solution for forestry machines

New Nokian Nordman Forest F tyre for forestry machines is a new type of cost-effective solution for forestry born from customer demand. The price and quality ratio of this new product has been optimised without compromise in terms of reliability or functionality. The strong, reliable structure of the Nokian Nordman Forest F is familiar from all the quality tyres that Nokian Heavy Tyres already manufactures. It is an easy and functional alternative for customers.

Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces new wider and efficient Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 tyre for skidders

Nokian Heavy Tyres introduces the new 35.5L-32 Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 forestry tyre to complement the tyre selection for skidder equipment. The tread has been further developed and is now straighter than before, creating traction across the entire surface of the tyre which is five inches wider than before. 35.5 L-32 is a common size and especially sold in North and South America.

Edited by Dr. Falk Köhler

Nokian Heavy Tyres is market leader, forerunner in forestry machine tyres and pioneer of environmental friendliness

Nokian Heavy Tyres, manufacturer of high-quality special tyres, is part of the Nokian Tyres group and the leading manufacturer of forestry machine tyres in the world. Its well-known top products include the Nokian Forest Rider, which is the world’s most advanced forestry tyre, and the Nokian Forest King F that provides excellent reliability. Nokian Heavy Tyres’ product range furthermore includes special tyres for agricultural machines, and tyres for machinery used in different locations, such as harbours and terminals, underground mines, earth-moving, and road maintenance.
The innovative products are known for their extremely high quality that provides the user many operating hours and reliable functionality in varying conditions. Nokian Heavy Tyres is known for its professional and flexible customer service – the best in its field. All tyres are developed and manufactured in Finland.
Nokian Heavy Tyres is an environmental pioneer among tyre manufacturers with eco-friendliness being a central principle of the product development philosophy. The company was the first in the world to remove hazardous oils from its production process and switch to purified oils only. The rubber compounds, treads, and structures of Nokian heavy tyres can withstand extensive wear. The lightly rolling tyres will also reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, vibration and tyre noise.

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