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Many top marks for Nokian tyres in the tests

The change of summer tyres just after Easter should now already be prepared in time. Now prices are still low, tyre service has special offers for first minute buyers, the choice is huge, and the car driver will have his desired mounting date. The right choice is made based on the last summer tyres tests.

Nokian tyres get top marks again and again in the tests of the leading German automobile associations and magazines, the Finnish premium tyres are multiple test winners. “Very recommendable” says the “ADAC judgement” for the Nokian H in the summer tyre test 2010 of the German automobile association ADAC, the “test quality judgement” of the consumer protection organisation Stiftung Warentest praises: “Nokian H good”. Nokian H was the overwhelming winner of the ACE/GTÜ summer tyre test 2009 (ACE = European Automobile Association), it got mark “good” by the biggest European car magazine “Auto Bild” in 2010 and by “auto Test”. Green Nokian V is rated “very recommendable” (“vorbildlich”) by Auto Bild in its latest eco tyres test and the same way in the German magazine „auto Test Öko Trend“ 2011. The test result of “Auto Zeitung” for Nokian V is “very recommendable”, too. “Gute Fahrt” scores it “good”.

ADAC rates the ultra high performance tyre Nokian Z G2 “very recommendable” again in the UHP summer tyre test 2009. The “auto motor und sport” judgement as well as that of “Auto” and “Firmenauto” is “recommendable”. SUV premium tyre Nokian Z SUV is rated “very recommendable” („vorbildlich“) by „Auto Bild allrad“ in its latest SUV summer tyre test, „Auto Zeitung“ says: „very recommendable“. Local tyre service offers Nokian tyres on rims on good terms, too.

The ADAC “short comments” praise the Nokian H very positively: “+ Very balanced summer tyre with best mark on dry road + good on wet road”. In the test criteria dry the Nokian H got mark 1.8, in wet 2.3, in fuel consumption 2.6 and in durability 2.7. The Nokian tyre proves its high safety excellently in the important driving qualities handling wet with mark 1.5, driving stability dry 1.6 and curve wet with 2.0. Mark 1 is the best mark and 5 the worst mark in the German mark system. The magazine “test” of Stiftung Warentest recommends Nokian H as “our advice”.

Test winner Nokian H

“Well-deserved test winner is the Nokian H” writes “ACE Lenkrad” about the driving tests and the result: “We searched (and found) all-round tyres which are top class in all safety tests and make altogether no bad slip-up, nor in economical aspects. Brilliant example: the Finnish Nokian H.” “Very recommendable”! “Auto Bild” comments its driving safety with very low energy consumption: “Strengths: safe driving behaviour with stable latitudinal grip in the wet and in the dry, very low rolling resistance and quiet noise level”. “The energy saver tyres of … lack the grip on wet road. The Nokian H does it better, it offers in spite of low rolling resistance an acceptable braking performance.” Nokian H is available in 21 sizes from 14 to 17 inches.

“Very recommendable” eco tyre Nokian V considerably saves fuel

The Finnish premium tyre Nokian V considerably saves fuel: 0.43 litres on 100 kilometres, this is a saving of 151 litres and 202 Euros with a mileage of 35000 kilometres. Above all it offers high safety especially in the wet – a feature not every eco tyre is capable of.

The environmentally friendly Nokian V gets the “comprehensive mark 2+ for driving in the wet” and the “comprehensive mark 2 for driving in the dry”. Its “strengths: Well balanced safe handling properties on wet and dry road, high safety reserves with aquaplaning, short braking distances on wet road, satisfying fuel saving potential,” “Auto Bild” writes. The fuel saving Finn is in the green mark section in all test disciplines. Regarding the dangerous longitudinal aquaplaning it even gets top mark 1. Whereas a standard tyre consumes 7.34 litres on 100 kilometres in the average, Nokian V consumes only 6.91 litres.
Car drivers should decide in favour of fuel saving tyres, strongly decreasing fuel consumption, but simultaneously having good qualities in the wet with firm grip and therefore guaranteeing high safety.
The summary of “Auto Zeitung” characterizes that the “very recommendable” Nokian V scores many points and recommends itself as good alternative in the wet as well as in the dry. The magazine comments in the test criterion “wet”: “In combination with the C class the Nokian V appeals with spontaneous reactions and neutral balance. Good braking performance.” And in “dry”: “Speedy in handling, strong in braking – these are the advantages of the “V” from Nokian.” It is available in 23 sizes from 14 to 17 inches on the tyre market.

ADAC rates Nokian Z G2 “very recommendable”

Nokian Z G2 with the “very recommendable” ADAC judgement gets the highest praise in the “short comments”: “+ Very balanced summer tyre”, “+ Very good on wet road”, “+ Very good on dry road / asphalt”. In the test criteria “dry conditions” the Nokian Z G2 got the mark 1.7, in “wet conditions” 2.2 and in durability 2.5. The fuel consumption is also low: 2.9 which is below the “very recommendable” mark limit, too. Nokian’s tyre proves its high safety excellently in the important driving qualities stability with mark 1.4, handling 1.5 and braking on wet road with 1.9. Its range includes 48 dimensions for the speed indices W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h) from 16 to 20 inches.

“auto motor und sport” judges Nokian Z G2 “recommendable” und states as plus: “Very non-problematic handling and satisfying braking ability on dry road, low noise level.”

The SUV tyre Nokian Z SUV rated “very recommendable” („vorbildlich“) by „Auto Bild allrad“ gets the mark 2 in all three test categories wet, dry and off road. Its “strengths”: “low rolling resistance, balanced driving behaviour, amazing in the sand”. In rolling resistance it gets the top mark. Its “very recommendable” test result in “Auto Zeitung”: “Lowest rolling resistance in the test” and “nearly no weaknesses”.

There are two new sizes for Nokian Z SUV in 19 and in 20 inches, now it is available in 16 dimensions from 17 to 22 inches. Nokian H/T SUV has got two new sizes in 17 and 18 inches, it now has got a range of 18 dimensions from 15 to 18 inches.

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