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New Nokian Rotiiva AT summer tyre – firm grip
and solid durability for SUVs

Stone ejectors clean the grooves

The new Nokian Rotiiva AT (All Terrain) summer tyre for SUVs grips effectively both on and off the road. This sturdy, special tyre guarantees optimal performance without compromising safety or driving comfort. Retail sales of this robust and versatile new product have now begun on Nokian Tyres' core markets in Europe.

Nokian Rotiiva AT is excellent on asphalt or gravel, but also moves with ease in lighter off-road conditions. The sturdy structure and tailored, cut-resistant tread compound give the tyre excellent durability when used with heavier cars, as well. The comprehensive selection of sizes is aimed at light trucks, larger SUVs, and pick-ups. The selection of sizes is covering a total of 26 models from 15" up to 20".

The aggressive tread pattern of the new product, and especially its wide, polished grooves maximize grip and handling in rapidly changing summer conditions. In addition, stone ejectors on the bottoms of the grooves eject little stones and minimize the penetration of sharp rocks into the tyre. These stone ejectors further increase the operating life of the tyre by preventing tyre body damage, especially when driving on uneven surfaces.

Thanks to a unique tread pattern, the tyre also cleans easily and runs effortlessly on a soft platform.

This new development completes the versatile SUV and 4x4 range from Nokian Tyres to which Nokian Z SUV belongs, too, being awarded “very recommendable” in the off road tyre test of the German car magazine “Auto Zeitung”.

Steady going: Stabilizers and 3D sipes for excellent stability

The smooth, fluent driving is boosted by the centre rib stabilizers that stiffen the tyre. For drivers, the feeling is of excellent stability and quick, responsive steering.

“3D sipes actively bind pattern blocks together upon road contact for extra stability. The heavily siped pattern block sections support each other, so that unnecessary sipe movement stops, thereby improving handling even further,” says Product Development Manager Juha Pirhonen from Nokian Tyres.

Cooling ribs in the shoulder area improve the durability of the Rotiiva AT – a tyre that is designed to handle poor roads and rapidly changing conditions. Lower heat generation means slower wear, more comfortable driving, and more mileage.

Tailor-made style and Driving Safety Indicator for more safety

For drivers who like to tailor the look of their tyres to their personal style, the tyre has two different sidewall layouts: a more rugged appearance for off-road terrain, and a more stylish and toned-down look for the road. In other words the asymmetric and non-directional tread pattern enables you to mount the tyre both ways.

Nokian Rotiiva AT – Firm durability

  • Stable tyre with high performance on and off the road
  • Aggressive tread pattern guarantees exceptional handling
  • Sturdy structure, cut-resistant tread surface

Main innovations:

Stabilizers. More driving stability and handling. The center rib stabilizers stiffen the tyre upon road contact, thereby providing excellent driving stability and quick steering response.

3D siping. Increased driving comfort and grip. More durability. The 3D siping strongly stiffens the siped tread blocks. Unnecessary sipe movement stops, which further improves handling.

Cooling ribs. Increased durability. Cooling ribs on the shoulder area reduce heat generation inside the tyre. Lower heat generation means slower wear, more comfortable driving, and more mileage.

Stone ejectors. More safety, longer operating life. Stone ejectors on the bottoms of grooves ejects little stones and minimize the penetration of sharp rocks into the tyre. The stone ejectors further increase the operating life of the tyre by preventing tyre body damage, especially when driving on uneven surfaces.

Driving Safety Indicator (DSI). More safety. The numbers on the tread surface allow you to check the remaining tread percentage.

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Auto Zeitung, issue No 15, 6th July, 2011

Nokian Tyres – the world’s leading winter tyre expert
Being the world’s leading winter tyre expert, Nokian Tyres is the only tyre manufacturer in the world that focuses on products and services that facilitate safe transportation in Nordic conditions. The company's innovative passenger car, van and heavy-duty machinery tyres are mainly marketed in areas that have snow, forest and changing seasons that make driving conditions demanding. Nokian Tyres also offers tyres especially tailored for the milder Central and Eastern European climate.
For over 75 years, the company has been developing, testing and patenting solutions that promote driving safety and is the inventor of the winter tyre. The world's first winter tyre was created to tackle the freezing temperatures and winds in 1934. Since then, top-range products refined with northern know-how have been introduced on a regular basis.
The world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer tests its products under demanding and extreme conditions at its own test facilities in Ivalo, 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. At the beginning of the 1990s Nokian Tyres became the first company to develop unique slush planing tests for winter tyres. In 2002, Nokian Tyres introduced the Nokian WR, which was the first winter tyre designed for fast driving (M + S) in the world. This was followed in 2007 by the Nokian WR G2 that has been praised in test reports for its exemplary grip and special ability to prevent slush planing. Its success story is now continued with the new Nokian WR D3 and A3: Nokian WR is test winner in the winter tyre test 2011 of the German car magazine “sport auto” with the judgement “very recommendable”, in the TV show “auto mobil” of the German TV station “VOX” and with “Auto Plus”, the French version of “Auto Bild”.
Nokian summer tyres are multiple test winners, too, they provide high safety and save fuel. The Nokian is test winner with the judgement “very recommendable” in the summer tyre test 2011 of the renowned German car magazine „auto motor und sport“ and in the tyre test of the German car magazine „Auto“, too. The Nokian SUV tyre is also “very recommendable” in the off-road tyre test of „Auto Zeitung“.
Nokian winter and summer tyres are developed and tested in harsh road conditions in Finland and shall offer high quality and top-level safety. Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental values of Nokian Tyres. The company has systematically worked towards minimising environmental hazards. The Nokian brand stands for environmentally friendly premium tyres. Nokian Tyres was the first tyre manufacturer to switch over to using only purified, low-aromatic oils in its production. Raw material and material choices are aimed at avoiding unnecessary burdens on the environment. In Scandinavia and Russia the high-value brand has a high level of awareness and a good reputation.
Nokian Tyres’ net sales for 2011 totalled EUR 1,456 million, and it had 3,900 employees. The company owns the Vianor tyre chain that comprises over 910 stores in 23 countries. Nokian Tyres Plc's shares are quoted on the Helsinki Exchanges' NASDAQ OMX.

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