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New study: Many European drivers drive on unsuitable tyres

It is that time of the year again – to change the tyres. It seems however that not all drivers are keen on installing appropriate tyres for their car. According to a new survey conducted by Nokian Tyres a significant percentage of European drivers say they sometimes drive on tyres that are unsuitable for the prevailing road and weather conditions. The survey also indicates that Central European consumers tend to prefer quality over price when choosing tyres.

Seasonal tyres by Nokian Tyres

An alarming fact brought up by the Nokian Tyres’s survey is that people tend to ride on unsuitable tyres, for example summer tyres in the winter and vice-versa. According to the survey, the highest percentage of drivers admitting that they sometimes ride on the wrong tyres for the given season is in France - a full 44%. The most aware in this aspect are German drivers – only 23% of them admit that they sometimes drive on unsuitable tyres. Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania – the other countries included in the survey - lie somewhere between these two extremes.

But why to put everyone at risk by driving on unsuitable tyres for the conditions? After all, seasonal tyres are only suitable for their respective seasons. It is possible that drivers feel they do not have time for a tyre change, they may not know when to change the tyres or they possibly switch them too late. Some may want to get as much mileage as possible out of their current tyres before replacing them.

“I am surprised that a substantial number of European drivers can still be found who do not respect the functional and mainly safety characteristics of tyres, and are taking needless risks as they drive on unsuitable tyres. It is clear that a real winter tyre can never be a reliable summer tyre, and vice-versa – a summer tyre or an all-season tyre cannot offer you such a comfortable and safe ride on wet, icy or snowy winter conditions as a seasonal tyre does,“ says Martin Dražík, Product Manager for Nokian Tyres.

When asked about what type of tyres – seasonal or all-season tyres – people most often use, the results vary between countries. According to the survey, all-season tyres are most popular in France and Italy, while other countries included in the survey clearly favor seasonal tyres.

In recent years, all-season tyres have steadily gained market share across Central Europe, but seasonal tyres continue to be the most popular tyre choice. It is a fact that in most areas, separate summer and winter tyres are the best choice. However, in an area where the weather doesn’t go to the extremes and the driver wants to drive safely with the same set of tyres year-round, all-season tyres could be the ideal option. For example, Nokian Weatherproof, an all-season tyre from Nokian Tyres, offers comfortable driving during all seasons. It is designed for drivers who require a safe option for the snow and slush but who also want to drive efficiently and effortlessly in the summer.

Price is not considered the main criterion when buying tyres

When deciding on the purchase of tyres, most respondents first take into account quality, then price, and consequently if the selected tyre is environmentally friendly. In this respect, the results in selected European countries are very similar, if not even. Over two thirds of the respondents in France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania says quality plays an important role in their tyre purchase. Only one fourth views price as the most important selection criterion.

The good news is that drivers seem to understand that, in a long run, a premium tyre will most likely be a cheaper and safer choice than a budget model. Over half of the respondents consider premium tyres safer. Even though safety is valued in principle, it do not always translate into actions.

“I understand that some customers decide based on price when buying winter tyres, and the buying power of each of us differs. However, quality is key in the case of purchasing winter tyres. Long-term development and testing of Nokian Tyres, and their innovation and technical capabilities always guarantee drivers the highest level of safety and reliability. A quality premium tyre is like a seatbelt – most of the time you don’t need it but in a bad situation it can save your life and the lives of others,” explains Martin Dražík.

Survey by Nokian Tyres

The data contained in this report is based on a survey taken this year by Nokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost manufacturer of premium tyres, in cooperation with Ipsos research agency. The survey was conducted in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Romania and Bulgaria among 1,800 respondents.

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