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Nokian cLine van tyre – more kilometres, high safety and stability

Nokian cline Cargo for heavier loads and Nokian cLine Van for lighter. Finnish tyre manufacturer renews its summer van tyre selection.

The new Nokian cLine summer van tyre offers more kilometres, stability, durability, and safety for demanding use on European roads. This new product family from Nokian Tyres is intended for the hard-working professionals and their modern vans and delivery trucks as well as minibuses. The precise and safe Nokian cLine Cargo summer tyre is tailored for heavy vehicles, and its non-directional tread and structure are similar to those of a truck tyre. With ease, the sturdy and well-built tyre can even carry the higher wheel loads of delivery and transport trucks. Nokian cLine Van is perfectly suited for lighter loads and passenger transport. Nokian tyres from Finland are multiple test winners.

Triangular Supports: Durability for hard use

The Triangular Supports substantially increase the lateral stiffness of the shoulder area, which is especially important when carrying heavy loads. The support allows the tyre to wear down slower and to retain its perfect shape for longer according to Nokian Tyres winter tyre inventor, innovation leader and world record holder. The sturdy shoulder pattern combined with the high sidewall angle ensures good stability.

Pleasant driving comfort and precise steering

Nokian cLine Van, which is perfectly suited for lighter loads and passenger transport, has an asymmetrical tread pattern. This adds to the driving comfort and makes the tyre easy to steer. The centre groove has a Wave Support. It improves the lateral stiffness of the tyre, which in turn helps the tyre to maintain its shape and tolerate wear. The Wave Support significantly reduces the danger of aquaplaning due to summer rain. The optimised block distribution and tailored structure reduce interior noise and external rolling noise.

The safety of the comfortable and strong Nokian cLine is maximised by a new rubber compound that offers excellent durability and wet grip. It also provides much-needed additional grip for rain-soaked roads.

The special clinch rubber compound on the bead area flexibly presses against the wheel flange,avoiding possible abrasion under heavy use. This compound innovation improves durability but also helps tyre fitment. The innovation also effectively minimises the interior noise, since it dampens the vibrations from the tyre body, preventing them from passing into the tyre and further inside the vehicle.

Nokian Driving Safety Indicator and info field for added safety

On the centre rib, the Driving Safety Indicator (DSI), patented by Nokian Tyres, clearly indicates the remaining groove depth in millimetres. When 4 mm of groove depth remains, the time has come to purchase new summer tyres.

Correct tyre pressure is especially important in commercial driving and under heavy loads. Correct tyre pressure improves the driving feel of the car, ensures the structural durability of the tyre, and reduces fuel consumption. Checking the inflation pressure is made simpler by an info field that allows for noting down the correct tyre pressure and the place of the tyre under the car. The sign language by the expert of extreme conditions adds to safety.

The selection of Nokian cLine covers 23 tyres all the way from 14 inches up to 17 inches. This new tyre, intended for the European markets, is now available at retailers.

Nokian cLine – Works on the road 

  • Resists wear and maintains its good properties for longer
  • Stable and comfortable to drive even at heavy loads
  • Excellent wet grip and handling

Photos downloads Nokian cLine:

Video: Nokian summer tyres – Testing at the extremes

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Nokian Tyres – the world's northernmost tyre manufacturer and the inventor of the winter tyre

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