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New summer tyres

Nokian eLine 2 class AA summer tyre: advanced safety and greener mobility, Nokian iLine summer tyre: better driving comfort and economy

The new class AA Nokian eLine 2 summer tyre offers the tyre label's best class A in wet grip and fuel efficiency as well as top performance under all weather conditions. The new Nokian iLine for small and medium-sized cars rides smoothly and safely in all summer weather. The Nokian Line SUV and Nokian zLine SUV SUV summer tyres provide high safety and exceptional durability due to the Nokian Aramid sidewall technology. The Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee covers damages to the sidewall of the tyre.

With the Nokian eLine 2 premium summer tyres, the braking distance is up to 18 meters shorter on wet roads and the fuel consumption is 0.6 litres lower over 100 km. This is actually the difference between the classes A and F of the EU tyre label. The driver experiences precise driving behaviour and optimal comfort from the first days of spring to late autumn. A unique innovation, the Nokian Tyres Coanda Technology prevents aquaplaning by quickly and effectively removing the water between the tyre and the road. The next generation Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) improves safety.

The Nokian eLine 2 summer tyres use the most advanced technology of the industry. It has been developed for European drivers who want to enjoy a safer and greener future. The growing size range includes 5 tyres with the latest design from 15 to 16 inches for medium-sized cars in the speed classes H (210 km/h) and W (270 km/h).

Excellent comfort and first-class fuel efficiency

Nokian iLine summer tyres provide excellent driving feel and first-class fuel efficiency. The enjoyable driving experience remains stable and reliable even under extreme conditions. The unique Venturi grooves prevent aquaplaning, and pine oil in the rubber compound maximizes the durability of the tyre.

The new Nokian iLine from the northernmost tyre manufacturer in the world expands the Nokian Tyres summer tyre range for versatile weather conditions in Central Europe. The size range (13 to 16 inches) is ideal for drivers who want to have a safe driving experience both on wet asphalt and on sunburned roads. All tyre sizes with speed rating T (190 km/h) or H (210 km/h) are available from tyre retailers.

Safety and top premium quality

"The modern summer tyre range from Nokian Tyres offers top premium quality with its advanced innovations for passenger cars and SUVs. The range of our SUV tyres has more than doubled in recent years", says Hannu Liitsola, Managing Director, Central Europe. "The new Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee covers sidewall damages and with the Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Promise the drivers can swap their new tyres to another set free of charge if they are not happy."

Nokian Tyres’ summer products offer high levels of safety and save fuel. Nokian Line for small and compact cars (size 185/65 R15 H)was among the test winner group in the 2016 summer tyre test of German Automobile Association ADAC. Nokian Line had the rating “good” and according to ADAC it is very well balanced, especially good on dry roads and good in the wet. Fuel consumption is as well quite low.

New Nokian Line SUV summer tyres - maximum strength, comfortable driving feel and cool performance

Thanks to the Nokian Aramid sidewall technology,the new Nokian Tyres’ SUV summer tyres have maximum strength, advanced safety and durability. The Aramid fibre that Nokian Tyres uses in the sidewall compound strengthens the tyre’s sidewall, allowing it to better withstand impacts and cuts that can easily puncture the tyre. The same material is also utilised in the aviation and military industries.

The Nokian Line SUV for versatile SUV use offers dynamic handling, pleasant driving comfort and excellent wet grip on small and medium-sized SUVs. It just keeps running and running with high performance, being extremely hard-wearing. In addition it offers low fuel consumption.

The sporty Nokian zLine SUV summer tyres deliver precision handling, great driving pleasure, maximum strength, and safety under extreme conditions. Their sidewalls are reinforced by Aramid Sidewall Technology providing the necessary durability for the largest SUVs. Due to good wet grip it is also safe on rain soaked roads.

Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee covers damages and Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Promise is a pleasure

The Nokian SUV tyres are characterized by their durability and also provide protection in unexpected situations. The Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee covers damages to the sidewall of the tyre arising from normal use. From each participating Nokian Tyres retailers customers can receive a new, equivalent tyre free of charge.

Nokian Tyres also provides a satisfaction promise. If a buyer, for whatever reason, is not satisfied with his new tyres from Nokian, he can exchange them within 14 days for another set of tyres at his dealer. Mounting and balancing are free of charge. The list of retailers participating in the Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee and Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Promise can be found from our website.


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Unique durability - Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology

Further information

Nokian eLine 2 class AA summer tyre - Advanced safety and greener mobility

Nokian iLine summer tyre – More comfort and economy with excellent driving feel

Nokian Line is test winner in the 2015 ADAC summer tyre test

Nokian summer tyres

Nokian Aramid Sidewall Technology

Nokian Tyres the world's northernmost tyre manufacturer and the inventor of the winter tyre

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