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Nokian TRI 2, a new product from Nokian Tyres, increases driving comfort, facilitates farming work, and improves the traffic safety of road maintenance work. Designed for year-round use, the new tyre boasts advanced technology that meets the challenges posed by the maintenance of winter roads and wet fields. Nokian Tyres’ expertise in Nordic conditions is reflected in the durability, grip and environmental friendliness of Nokian TRI 2.

The new Nokian TRI 2 is designed for tractors and road maintenance equipment. Thanks to its speed category of 65 km/h, the tyre also works well for hauling and transportation.

Grip and driving comfort for field work

Thanks to its directional tread pattern, Nokian TRI 2 features superior grip properties, which become particularly evident when driving on soft ground.
Nokian TRI 2 cleans itself easily in the field, on snow, and travels with ease over wet ground.

The block pattern of the new Nokian TRI 2 supports the driver’s working capacity, offering driving comfort comparable to that of passenger car tyres. Driving comfort and low tyre vibration become particularly important in hauling and transportation and in work of long duration.

Thanks to its durable structure and tread pattern, Nokian TRI 2 has a long, useful life. It features low rolling resistance and endures heavy loads. The tyre’s load-bearing capacity meets the demands set by modern equipment. The novelty can also be studded: both the rolling direction and the place for studs are marked on the tyre. The product will be available in stores in September 2004.

Nokian Tyres introduces first HA oil-free tyre for heavy vehicles

The properties of the new generation Nokian TRI 2 benefit from the latest advances in rubber technology. The rubber compound of the new product features low-aromatic oils processed using extraction methods. By the end of 2004, Nokian Tyres will become the world’s first tyre plant to move to HA oil-free production in all of its manufacturing operations. This will further enhance the company’s pioneering role as an environmentally responsible actor in the tyre industry.

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Jukka Hautala, Marketing Manager, Nokian Tyres plc, tel. +358 3 3407570
Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager, Nokian Tyres plc, tel. +358 3 340 7544