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Nokian Tyres plc
Press Release February 6, 2007

Nokian Tyres launches a new winter tyre family

for the growing Central European market

Nokian Tyres has developed several new products for Europe’s rapidly growing winter tyre market. They have been designed to meet the wishes and needs of drivers living in Central Europe in the best way possible. The most important feature of the new tyres is winter safety: the tyres perform reliably and without surprises in all conditions.

Factors influencing the willingness to purchase winter tyres include a growing desire for safety, changing traffic patterns, driving legislation and, in particular, the improving economy in Eastern Europe. Complex, unpredictable winter weather is also increasing the demand for winter tyres. Around 67 million passenger car winter tyres were sold on the European tyre market in 2006, which is 12% more than in 2005.

A high-performance tyre for unstable weather conditions

The winter weather in Central Europe has become more challenging. Extreme weather phenomena are becoming more common, with storms, violent blizzards and downpours becoming commonplace. Temperatures change rapidly, and road surfaces can be snowy, slushy, wet or icy.

Nokian Tyres has developed the high-performance Nokian WR passenger car tyre for changing and demanding conditions. It has a unique slush grip feature, based on numerous technical innovations: the slush edge, an asymmetrical tread design and polished grooves. Tests show that the tyre is about 10% more effective in slush removal than its competitors. The product development work involved the use of slush planing tests, which Nokian Tyres was the first in the world to create in the early 1990s.

The slush properties have not been achieved by sacrificing other features of a good winter tyre. The Nokian WR is excellent for driving on snowy roads and bare asphalt, even at high speeds. Wet grip was also an important issue when developing this tyre. The Nokian WR has good grip, remains stable and stops precisely, even on wet roads.

The new winter product has one of the most extensive size ranges on the market. Retail sales will begin in the autumn of 2007.

Reliable winter driving

The Nokian WR C Van and Nokian WR C Cargo tyres that have been developed for vans and cargo vehicles emphasise safety and winter properties. The van version has an asymmetrical tread pattern and is ideal for minibuses and light deliveries. The cargo model has an arrow-shaped pattern with a block structure and is intended for use on fleets delivering heavy materials and items.

Excellent winter grip, driving stability and durability were the main targets when developing the new C tyres. Driving comfort and silence are particularly noticeable in the van version designed for use on light fleets.

Retail sales of the tyres for Central European vans and cargo vehicles will begin in the autumn of 2007.

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