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Nokian Tyres new summer and all-season tires excel in driving safety and comfort, thanks to the exceptional testing capabilities at the company´s test centers

As the European summer approaches, Nokian Tyres, the world's northernmost tire manufacturer, is proud to introduce its comprehensive range of summer and all-season tires to the market. With diligent attention to detail, Nokian Tyres has designed these tires to meet the unique demands of the European summer, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and driving comfort.

“Our commitment to delivering exceptional tires that excel in European summer conditions is reflected in the advanced tire technologies and innovative features incorporated into our newest summer tire portfolio. From enhanced grip and handling to improved durability, Nokian Tyres' summer and all-season tires were designed to provide drivers with the utmost confidence, safety, and peace of mind during their summer journeys,” says Martin Dražík, Product Manager for Central Europe at Nokian Tyres.

The Nokian Tyres® Wetproof 1 summer tire combines maximum safety with comfortable driving feel, making it an ideal companion for rainy days and poor road conditions. This tire's low rolling resistance not only enhances fuel efficiency but also contributes to energy savings. With its exceptional wet grip and advanced features, the Nokian Tyres® Wetproof 1 ensures that drivers can confidently navigate wet roads while enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride.

For drivers seeking ultra-high performance, the Nokian Tyres® Powerproof 1 summer tire is the perfect choice. Designed to excel on the motorway, it offers maximum stability, precise handling at high speeds, and exceptional grip on both wet and dry surfaces. With short braking distances and excellent aquaplaning properties, the Nokian Tyres® Powerproof 1 guarantees a secure driving experience even in high speeds.

The Nokian Tyres® Seasonproof 1 all-season tire is the most versatile tire in the new summer tire portfolio, offering flexible use throughout the year. It is equipped with innovative technical solutions that ensure maximum safety, excellent wet grip, and low rolling resistance in snow, rain, or sunshine. Notably, internal tests have shown an improvement of up to 30 percent in wear resistance compared to the previous model, providing drivers with extended tire life and cost savings.

Quality as the top priority goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art testing

Rigorous testing plays a pivotal role in continuous development and constant tire innovation. Premium product development requires extensive testing procedures. Therefore each tire model undergoes numerous tests at Nokian Tyres' state-of-the-art test centers: “White Hell” in Ivalo, Finland, Hakka Ring in Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Spain, and the test center in Nokia, Finland. These tests evaluate tire performance under various weather conditions, road surfaces, and driving scenarios, ensuring that every tire meets the highest premium quality and safety standards.  

Own test center with focus on summer and all-season premium tires

The Hakka Ring, one of the largest and modern test tracks, drives innovation and further developing the summer and all-season tire portfolio at Nokian Tyres. Located in Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Spain, this 300-hectare facility features 10 test tracks, including a seven-kilometer oval track with 5 wide lanes, enabling demanding tire tests on wet and dry roads throughout the year. The Hakka Ring conducts rigorous tests on summer, all-season, and high-speed rated tires. The high-speed tests on the oval track, reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h, challenge the limits of tire capabilities. The Hakka Ring's exceptional testing capacities have contributed to the development of the new summer and all-season tires – the Nokian Tyres® Powerpoorf 1, Nokian Tyres® Wetproof 1 and Nokian Tyres® Seasonproof 1 - ensuring that Nokian Tyres' products deliver outstanding performance, safety, and durability to drivers across Europe.

"We are proud that our tires have to face the most extensive test conditions – and this is especially true for the Hakka Ring in Spain in the intense summer heat," says M. Dražík. "Under the merciless Spanish sun, our new tires had to undergo the toughest tests.

Through thorough testing and continuous development, Nokian Tyres offers drivers outstanding products, providing exceptional performance, driving comfort, and safety on the roads.

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