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More safe kilometres all year round:


In 2005 the manufacture of all Nokian-branded truck tyres was transferred to the plant in Spain, which features top-notch production technology in the field. The tyre carcasses and moulds of the whole product portfolio have been redesigned. The new carcass clearly enhances driving properties and mileage, while the sturdy bead area makes the tyre sit well on the rim and improves driving qualities. In addition, the longer useful life of the tyre carcass and the strong rubber used in tread grooves clearly enhance retreading options.

Additional driving kilometres from improved wear resistance

All Nokian truck tyres feature rubber compounds suitable for Nordic conditions, which provide good grip on slippery roads and durability on rough road surfaces. The traction tyres feature a double tread surface (cap/base) that reduces heat emission and rolling resistance, leading to better wear resistance. The tread compounds are based on natural rubber and are manufactured without high-aromatic oils.

New NTR-861 and NTR-844 round off the range

The new Nokian NTR-861 and Nokian NTR-844 for trucks and buses offer a safe and durable solution for year-round use. These winter-rated M+S tyres can be mounted on the vehicle all year round. Developed for and tested in demanding Nordic conditions, the tyres will replace NTR-841 and NTR-824. Development of the tyre novelties has focused on safety, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

In addition to clearly improved wear resistance, the new tyres also offer better grip properties under various conditions. The tread design is produced using a new technique based on the Nokian Spiral Sipe System. As the tread wears down, the siping changes gradually so that the tyre maintains good grip and driving properties as long as possible. The wide and curving grooves clean the tread more easily in all weather conditions. The even contact pressure and siping solutions in the shoulder area essentially improve the wear pattern of the tyre. Tyre noise has also been decreased.

Sizes and availability

The new products will be introduced on the market in phases during April and September 2006. New sizes:

- 315/80R22.5 NTR-861 available 4/2006
- 295/80R22.5 NTR-861 available 5/2006
- 275/70R22.5 NTR-844 available 7/2006
- 385/65R22.5 NTR-844 available 9/2006

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