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Nokian Tyres renews its winter tyre range: The new generation of Nokian winter tyres set new standards for winter driving

Nokian Tyres renews its winter tyre range for northern conditions by introducing three new products into the unique Hakkapeliitta winter tyre family. The world’s best-known winter tyre is already a legend in all areas which experience true winter. In addition to the core products, Nokian Tyres is also introducing two new winter tyres for the Central European and North American markets.

“This is the biggest launch in the history of our company as we renew most of our winter tyre range. The new generation of Hakkapeliitta tyres is a significant upgrade to our long line of test winning products. We are looking forward to introducing the finely tuned safety and handling properties to the consumers,” says Kim Gran, President and CEO for Nokian Tyres.

When designing the new Hakkapeliitta tyres, the focus was on creating authentic winter tyres that perform safely and reliably under the demanding and varying northern conditions, from extremely low temperatures to wet weather.

The studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 masters all the elements of winter. Unique stud technology from the inventor of winter tyres brings grip like never before for ice and snow. The design of this next-generation studded Hakkapeliitta tyre is based on the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 that was introduced in 2009. This multiple test winner holds a world record in its field: over 30 test wins in car magazines between 2009 and 2012.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2, the new non-studded winter tyre, will safely tackle even the trickiest winter conditions. The new innovations maximise the grip of this Nordic non-studded tyre on ice. The new Hakkapeliitta R2 has made a significant leap of progress in this particular field. Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 is the number one choice for those who value unique driving comfort and eco-friendly travelling. In addition to the extremely low rolling resistance, developments have also been made in handling on ice, snow, and wet roads, all for the benefit of drivers.

The world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer is also introducing the non-studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV winter tyre, specially tailored for sport utility vehicles. The new innovations in the tread patterns and compounds of this stable, rugged new product ensure that the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV’s handling and grip properties are top-notch.

Nokian Tyres is introducing the new Hakkapeliitta products to its most important partners at its own testing centre in Ivalo, Finland in the coming weeks. In addition to the launch in Ivalo, the Nordic countries and Russia will have their own promotional tours. All of the Hakkapeliitta products are aimed at the company’s core markets in the Nordic countries and Russia. The tyres will start shipping to retailers in early 2013.

During the spring, the company is also launching the Nokian WR SUV 3 winter tyre, developed for Central Europe’s varying winter conditions and the ever-increasing SUV segment. The new Nokian WR G3 for passenger cars, on the other hand, is an extension of the Nokian Tyres’ All Weather Plus product line for the North American market.
Detailed product information of new winter tyres will be published in February.

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Nokian Tyres is the world's leading winter tyre specialist, a multiple test winner, and a premium brand

As the world's leading winter tyre specialist, a multiple test winner, and a premium brand, Nokian Tyres offers the safest tyres for northern conditions. Innovative Nokian tyres from Finland for cars, trucks, and heavy machinery demonstrate their high quality particularly well in snow, tough climates, and demanding driving situations, and deliver sustainable added value. In addition, Nokian produces tyres especially developed for European weather and the higher speeds on European motorways. Nokian tyres deliver excellent safety, save fuel, and are the forerunner of environmental friendliness. The company is number 1 in terms of brand recognition and appreciation in Scandinavia and Russia and has a positive, exceptional image.

Nokian is the inventor of the winter tyre

Nokian has been designing, testing, and patenting innovative tyres for more than 75 years and is the inventor of the winter tyre. The world's first winter tyre was developed and manufactured in the midst of icy winds and bitter cold in 1934. Two years later, Nokian Hakkapeliitta, created for harsh northern winters and today one of the best-known winter tyre brands, was born. The world's fastest winter tyre with a top speed of 270 km/h, the Nokian WR, was launched by the Finns in 2002. In 2007, the Nokian WR G2 was introduced, it was rated as "highly recommended" and "good" in tests for its outstanding grip and unique protection against slush planing.

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Nokian winter tyres are the test winners in the 2012 winter tyre tests

Its success story continues with the safe and economical Nokian WR D3 for the compact and middle-sized class and small cars, as well as with the safe and sporty WR A3 for large, fast cars: Nokian winter tyres are the test winners in the 2012 winter tyre tests conducted by the German car magazines “Auto Bild”, “auto motor sport” and “AUTOStraßenverkehr” earning top ratings of “exemplary”, “highly recommendable” and “very good”. In more than 20 winter tyre tests carried out by car magazines in Germany and other European countries this winter, Nokian tyres came out on top. The Finnish tyres are given the top rating of “good” by the German automobile club ADAC and consumer protection organisation “test Stiftung Warentest”.

“Auto Bild” praises the Nokian WR A3: “Strengths: exemplary handling qualities on snowy, wet and dry surfaces, stable directional control and precise steering response, shortest wet and dry braking distances, low fuel consumption”. The “auto motor sport” assessment for the Nokian WR D3 is: “Outstanding performance on snow, short braking distance on dry surfaces, balanced handling”.

Nokian is the test winner for the German company car magazine “Firmenauto” (11/2012) too. “Highly recommendable” is also the assessment of the Nokian tyre in the 2012 winter tyre tests carried out by the German car magazine “Auto Zeitung”, Auto Club Europa ACE, GTÜ, ÖAMTC, TCS and ARBÖ as well as “very good” in the tests conducted by the German car magazines “promobil”, “Firmenauto Transporter” and “lastauto omnibus Transporter”. It also wins the “gute fahrt” recommendation for “the best tyres” from the German car magazine “gute fahrt”.

Standard Nokian winter tyres achieved a new Guinness World Record with a top speed of 331.610 km/h on ice.

Nokian tyres are test winners in the German car magazines' summer tyre tests, 2012

The summer tyres from Nokian are also multiple test winners, offering high levels of safety and they save fuel. The Nokian tyres are test winners in the 2012 summer tyre tests in the German car magazines "Auto Bild" (9/2012 + 8/2012), "Auto Zeitung" (6/2012 + 12/2012), "auto Test" (4/2012), "gute Fahrt" (3/2012), "Auto Bild allrad" (4/2012), "pro mobil" (4/2012), and "Firmenauto Transporter" (4/2012). With eight wins in the tyre tests, the Finnish premium brand has won more tests than any other brand. The top scores – "Auto Bild, exemplary” "Auto Zeitung, test winner", "auto Test, test winner", "gute Fahrt, recommendation", and "Auto Bild allrad, exemplary" – show the outstanding qualities of the summer tyres from the world's leading winter tyre specialists in each of the test reports. The SUV tyre is also the test winner in the "Auto Zeitung" SUV tyre test (12/2012). Nokian was the runner up in "auto motor sport" (7/2012) with the excellent rating of "highly recommended".

Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) with the unique snowflake symbol, the Winter Safety Indicator, provides more safety

The Nokian Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) with the unique snowflake symbol, the Winter Safety Indicator, on the Nokian WR winter tyre clearly shows the driver the groove depth as a number from 8 to 4 millimetres. The snowflake remains visible down to 4 millimetres. When it disappears, the risk increases and the winter tyres should be replaced. No other tyre manufacturer has these patented innovations.

Nokian Tyres achieved a 1.456 billion euro turnover in 2011

Nokian Tyres achieved a turnover of 1.456 billion euro in 2011 and had 3,900 employees. The Vianor tyre retail chain, with 1000 outlets in 24 countries, is a subsidiary of the company. The Nokian Tyres stock is listed on the NASDAQ OMX in Helsinki.

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