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Nokian Z G2 “very recommendable” in ADAC tyre test

“Very recommendable” is the Nokian Z G2 according to the “ADAC judgement” in the latest summer tyre test of the German automobile association ADAC. The Finnish premium tyre is praised very positively in the “short comments”: “+ Very balanced summer tyre”, “+ Very good on wet road”, “+ Very good on dry road / asphalt”. In the test criteria dry the Nokian Z G2 got mark 1.7, in wet 2.2 and in durability 2.5. The fuel consumption is also low: 2.9 which is below the “very recommendable” mark limit, too. The Nokian tyre proves its high safety excellently in the important driving qualities stability with mark 1.4, handling 1.5 and braking on wet road with 1.9.

Cheap tyres do not save money, the testers say. “Very recommendable” premium tyres like the Nokian Z G2 save nearly half a litre of fuel on 100 kilometres and last twice as long. So the buyer drives more expensively and also dangerously with low-cost tyres. Furthermore you protect the environment with the Finnish tyre twice, because it is produced without cancer causing high-aromatic oils. 16 tyres of size 205/55 R 16 W competed in the test of the biggest automobile association in the world. “Very recommendable” is the best possible judgement.

The Scandinavian winter tyre specialist Nokian Tyres is multiple test winner. It develops its premium tyres in the harsh Nordic conditions. Obviously the brand produces outstanding summer tyres, too.

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