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New high-speed summer tyre featuring only clean oils


Nokian Z, the world’s first top-speed (270 km/h) tyre, combines excellent wet grip, precise controllability and clean rubber compounds.
The tyre is entirely manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. The design of Nokian Z focused on two core points: safety under extreme conditions and environmental friendliness. Achieving both in a top-speed tyre calls for special technical skills and solid experience.

The demand for top-performance tyres is soaring in Europe, with car manufacturers introducing increasingly efficient and technically advanced models that set more and more exacting requirements on tyres. Based on the fast growth experienced by tyres in the ultra high performance segment (including V, W and Y speed categories), Nokian Tyres predicts that the sales of UHP tyres will increase by nearly 70% by 2008 compared to the sales figures of 2003.

The W-performance novelty will be sold in the Nordic countries, Central Europe and Russia. Nokian Z tyres will become available to consumers in the spring of 2005.

A combination of five rubber compounds ensures excellent driving qualities

Safety is the main property of all Nokian Tyres products, and becomes ever more important in a top-speed tyre. Tyres are the most active safety equipment on cars. Their task is to convey to the driver an accurate feel for the road and grip, as well as ensure travel safety.

Nokian Z is a high-performing fast tyre for the Nordic and European environment that copes exceedingly well under extreme conditions. Its good properties and excellent driving qualities are designed for demanding driving, and are achieved using a novel tread solution.

The full silica Nokian Z tread is made of five different rubber compounds. The centre rib compound ensures accurate steering and makes the tyre easy to handle. Thanks to the new tread compound, the central area of wide tyres wears evenly.

The tyre’s shoulders are crucial to the grip. When braking or cornering, the contact pressure on the tyre is greater around the shoulders than in the centre. To enhance the braking and cornering grip, the shoulder area of the Nokian Z features a rubber compound with excellent wet grip; its composition ensures safety under extreme conditions.

The narrow wing zone in the outer edge of the shoulders provides excellent resistance to the strong deformations that cornering and springing motion cause in the area between the tread and sidewall.

A compound layer that reduces rolling resistance, reduces heat emission, and reinforces the tyre structure has been inserted over the steel belt package under the tread compound. The fifth compound deepest down attaches to the steel belt package. The task of this adhesive compound is to improve the structural durability of the tyre.

Nokian Z enhances the performance and technical properties of modern cars. The tyre offers a pleasant driving response and it adapts ideally to cornering. The tyre’s contact with the road is secure and precise. It touches the road sensitively, but not too softly, and responds to the driver’s steering instantly and precisely.

The green and resistant Nokian Z rolls quietly

Nokian Z is the world’s first W-speed rated tyre that is entirely manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. Purified, low-aromatic oils (also known as non-labelled oils) replaced HA oils in all of Nokian Tyres’ production at the end of 2004.

Tyres designed for top-speed driving usually wear out relatively quickly. Lasting safety is a cornerstone of Nokian Tyres’ research and development activities, and Nokian Z adheres to this principle. Thanks to high-quality rubber compounds and low heat emission, the tyre wears evenly and maintains its good properties throughout its useful life. It is exceptionally durable in its own product category.

The tyre features precise steering and rolls easily thanks to a rolling resistance lower than that of corresponding products. The new acoustically optimised tread pattern and the noise cavities in the bottom of the grooves dampen tyre noise. Nokian Z also performs silently on rough Nordic pavements. The drive-by and inside noise is low, falling clearly below EU’s new tyre noise limits.

Stylish functionality

The appearance and aesthetic value of tyres has become increasingly important. The simple and subdued design of Nokian Z also supports functionality: water flows easily and efficiently off the slick and polished main grooves, and the lateral grooves open to the sides. The silvery stripes in the bottom of the grooves add a finishing touch to the elegant tyre. To polish the grooves, the tyres are vulcanised in special steel moulds.

The brand name is etched in the centre of the tyre. The birch leaf pattern on the sidewall reminds the driver of the ecological soundness and environmental friendliness of the tyre. The symbol is accompanied by the clarifying words ”HA oil free”, meaning that the tyre does not contain high-aromatic oils.

The standard accessories of Nokian Z include a wear indicator, info area, Mudstopper sealing ring and rimguard. The wear indicator shows the depth of the main grooves. Drivers can use the info area to mark the tyre location under the car in order to remember it after seasonal storage. The Mudstopper sealing ring protects the tyre, preventing sand, gravel and dirt from getting between the tyre and rim. Rimguards are indispensable in top-quality tyres, which, as a rule, are mounted on expensive alloy wheels.

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