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Press release 27.2.2001


Nokian Tyres has established a subsidiary for commercialising and internationalising the intelligent tyre technology concept it has created. The company is called RoadSnoop Ltd. and it will be responsible for the product development, production and marketing of the intelligent tyre technology. RoadSnoop's product development partner is Flextronics International.

In October 2000, Nokian Tyres became the first tyre manufacturers in the world to introduce the new intelligent tyre technology. The technology enables drivers to receive real-time information on tyre pressures and temperatures on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone without having to install any additional equipment in the car.

The intelligent tyre system is called the RoadSnoop Safety System and it is made up of lightweight sensors installed on the vehicle's tyres. The sensors monitor tyre pressures and temperatures and, should the tyre pressure drop, the system sends an alert to the driver's mobile phone, to the in-car computer or perhaps to a separate display at a gasoline forecourt.

In the future, RoadSnoop will also monitor tyre wear and road friction level. It will provide drivers with completely new services that are based on tyre data, cellular telephone network positioning data and meteorological data. Partnership negotiations are underway with several tyre, car and equipment manufacturers, as well as Internet service providers.

The first RoadSnoop product will be launched during 2002.

Further information:

Roadsnoop Ltd.
Mr. Matti Karppinen, Director, tel. +358 3 340 7634
e-mail: [email protected]

Mr. Jukka Hakanen, Product Development, +358 3 340 7268
e-mail: [email protected]

Mr. Tomi Lundell, Marketing, +358 3 340 7762
e-mail: [email protected]