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Save fuel and drive safely with eco winter tyres

Eco winter tyres can help you save fuel as tyres influence 20 per cent of a car’s fuel consumption. Eco winter tyres have a low rolling resistance, that is why fuel consumption is reduced. „Car drivers even can cut their fuel consumption even by half a litre on 100 kilometres with the environmentally friendly low rolling resistance tyre Nokian WR G2 if the air pressure is right“, Teppo Huovila advises, Vice President R & D of Nokian Tyres, one of the leading manufacturers of winter tyres in the world. „A rolling resistance lowered by 40 per cent saves six per cent fuel. This is 300 Euros less on a driving distance of 40,000 kilometres. Furthermore these tyres produce less CO2 emissions.“

Green Nokian WR G2 is „very recommendable“ according to the German car magazine „Auto Zeitung“. “Satisfactory” is the rating from German automobile association ADAC and “recommendable“ from the German car magazines „auto motor und sport“, „Auto“ und „sport auto“. Nokian WR G2 shows the shortest braking distance in the wet of all tested tyres by ADAC, 22 metres less than the tyre with the poorest wet braking scores. „Very good on dry roads“ is the ADAC judgement for the Finnish tyre. „Very good driving behaviour and a short wet braking distance, good properties in the dry“ according to “auto motor und sport“. „Sensational in the dry“, „Auto Zeitung“ says and goes on praising: „Good performances achieved in snow“. The eco premium winter tyre is rated “good” by ADAC for its low fuel consumption and its low wearing which is also leading to a long mileage. Regarding rolling resistance, Nokian WR G2 is second best in the “Auto Zeitung” test and third best in the “auto motor und sport” test. According to ADAC, Nokian WR G2 takes the top spot on ice, again with “good“.

Fuel saving winter tyres must similarly offer firm grip in the wet and on slush

Between saving fuel and wet grip there is a target conflict. Tyres with very low fuel consumption are often weaker regarding their wet grip. You should buy no tyre which indeed saves fuel and has a long mileage, but poor grip on wet road and on slush. Then highest danger is imminent, as the braking distances in the rain and on slush are much longer. In the ADAC test, a cheap product brought the car to a halt from 100 km/h after 81 metres on wet road, Nokian WR G2 needs only 59 metres, this is 22 metres less.

Hands off cheap tyres with too little grip in the wet and on slush. Otherwise, life is in danger. Slush planing is the most dangerous driving situation for car drivers in the winter. „Nokian eco winter tyres not only save plenty of fuel but additionally offer high safety, in particular when the road is wet and on slush, but on snow, ice and in the dry, too “, expert Huovila explains.

The range of green Nokian WR G2 is the largest winter tyre programme in the trade with 67 sizes from 14 inches of the speed index T to 20 inches W-tyres with 270 km/h maximum speed.

For SUVs there is a special version: Nokian WR G2 SUV, also green slush specialist and driving safely in all weather, on wet, dry, slushy, icy road, the Finns characterise its strengths.

Nokian Tyres – the pioneer of environmental friendliness

The environmental friendliness of a tyre is also influenced by the use of ecological materials. Nokian Tyres is the pioneer of environmentally friendliness, which belongs to its core values, all its tyres are green and have high mileages. The company is the world's first tyre manufacturer to have introduced purified, low-aromatic oils in its production, and this already since the end of 2004. The complete tyre is free of high-aromatic oils and not only the tread. Finnish premium tyres with a green heart.

Nokian tyres are developed, tested and manufactured in the demanding winter conditions of the north with lots of snow, ice and extremely low temperatures. They offer high quality and the best possible performance even in the most extreme conditions thus being not only environmentally friendly and consuming only little fuel. The excellent test results of the leading magazines confirm this, also in Scandinavia.

“In this way we construct the best winter tyres in the world for northern conditions, therefore they offer additional safety reserves in milder climate“, Teppo Huovila tells.

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ADAC has changed its rating system and now uses German school marks „very good“ („sehr gut“), „good“ (“gut”), “satisfactory” („befriedigend“), etc. The mark “satisfactory” („befriedigend“) corresponds to the former ADAC judgement “recommendable” (“empfehlenswert”).

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