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The launch team for the new Nokian Tyres Romania factory will be ready for challenges and success

Nokian Tyres is building the world’s first zero CO2 emission tire factory in Oradea, Romania, and it will be a crucial part of Nokian Tyres’ business when it's up and running. However, even when completed, the buildings and machines alone cannot make tires - that takes people.

Also a prerequisite for starting up production successfully is good orientation to our company's business, products, and ways of working. Since March, the carefully chosen 60-members-strong Nokian Tyres Romania launch team has been spending time in Finland at the Nokian Tyres Nokia factory with an aim to learn from some of the best tire professionals in the industry how to produce premium Nokian Tyres tires.

How has their time in Finland been, and most importantly, are they ready for the next part of their journey? Five new Nokian Tyres team members from Romania, Alexandra Minz, Anca Moldovan, Cezar Orbulescu, Tamas Szabo and Liviu Bunta share their thoughts on Nokian Tyres, professional growth and great opportunities.

“Everything is new and interesting”

Alexandra and Anca will both work as Shift Quality Technicians in Oradea. Neither of them has previous experience of the tire industry and are very excited about the future at Nokian Tyres.

- Everything is new and interesting. I'm honestly proud to be here, says Alexandra.

- We have been very well received. Everyone is nice and helpful, Anca adds.

When asked what made them apply for Nokian Tyres, both agree that it was an opportunity they couldn’t miss. Alexandra also adds that she was curious about the new company and the possibilities it offers:

- I like to try new things and I heard about Nokian Tyres in Romania. I know this is a professional company that will support my ambitions.

A challenge and an opportunity

Cezar is training to be a Production Planning Supervisor for the new factory. He has experience in planning although he is also a newcomer to the tire industry. Cezar says he learns something new and interesting daily, and every day brings new challenges.

- But every challenge I have managed to deal with successfully, Cezar says.

And in this lies the reasons he wanted to join Nokian Tyres in the first place:

- I could say the cliché, that this is a big and nice company. Everybody knows that, right? Instead, I'll say something else. For me, working in the Oradea factory launch team is a challenge and an opportunity. Those are my main reasons: challenge and opportunity.

Making trainers proud

Two future TBM Adjusters Tamas and Liviu have also grabbed the opportunity to work with a new industry at Nokian Tyres in Romania.

- I chose Nokian Tyres because I wanted to learn something new. I think I will be able to do great things in the company, says Liviu.

- For me, this is an opportunity I couldn't refuse. I am a student of mechatronics engineering, and while it's a challenge to start building something from the bottom, I am really excited about being part of the launch team. I look forward to accepting the challenge and starting my journey, Tamas agrees.

Both Tamas or Liviu enjoy the fast-paced training:

- The quantity of information has been very large from the very first day we started. We keep up with our trainers and hope to make good progress. We want to make our trainers proud at the end of this journey in Finland, says Tamas.

Ready with confidence

The construction work of the Oradea factory is progressing well, and the factory is on schedule to produce the first tires for commercial use in 2025. The launch team is happy to have the continuous support of the Finnish team who will also join them at Oradea. But how do they feel about the next part of the journey in Romania: will they be ready?

- With these teachers? Sure, says Anca without hesitation.

Liviu agrees:

- With people like our trainer coming with us? Yeah, we will be ready.

- Yeah, I'm sure we will have all the support from the people who are coming with us. I think I have said a couple of times before that I would never be ready. But I will be ready, Alexandra says with a laugh.

Cezar is also feeling good about the start of a new journey:

- Do I think I will be ready after the training? I do. Yes. You cannot go further if you're not confident.

- Yeah, I'm excited to go back home and to face new challenges. We will do and learn everything we can here so that we will be ready, Tamas concludes.