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The spring of long trucks – Nokian Tyres follows and advances the logistics trends at Transport-Logistics 2019 expo

Transport-Logistics (Kuljetus-Logistiikka), the largest logistics and transportation industry event in Nordic countries, brings together the whole logistics and transport sector in the area. Nokian Tyres is presenting its truck and bus tire selection including the latest releases as well as supporting the Scania Driver Competitions finals event with top-notch tires.

The current hot topic of Finnish road transport discussions is the national decision to allow longer articulated vehicles than before on traffic since the beginning of the year. The theme is also present at Transport-Logistics 2019 expo in various ways.

”Bigger and more efficient units in transportation are good for the positive development of limiting the emissions and boosting the overall working efficiency”, says Mr. Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. ”We are following the trend closely with our product development and also accelerating it by offering new tires compliant to the new requirements of the professionals.”

The heavyweight front tire

Winter will be always present at the Nordic transport and logistics scene, as well as heavy timber loads. This spring Nokian Tyres offers new and exciting tire for both needs, Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F2 XL. The new steering axle tire is suitable for heavy timber transport trucks as well as for crane and snow plowing vehicles – as the ”Extra Load” version of Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F2 flagship model carries front axle loads of up to 10 metric tons.

”The whole Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck tire series is designed for those who drive in the harshest winter conditions”, tells Mr. Teppo Siltanen. ”This series offers superb tire for every axle position, combining our know-how gathered over the decades in the Nordic winter conditions.”

A new steer axle tire is also presented in the Nokian Hakka Truck series, designed for the medium and long haul transports on highways.

”The new Nokian Hakka Truck Steer size 385/55R22.5 extends the usability of the tire series further”, Mr. Siltanen explains. ”What’s more, by the end of the year the tire series will also expand to 60 series sizes, for both steer and drive axle use.”

Trailer tires for the demanding roads and off-the-road

Safe passage on rural winter roads or winding ice-coated routes sets extremely high requirements for the trailer tires as well. On the Nokian Tyres booth you can explore the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T tire – the recently launched flagship tire product especially designed for trailer use.

”When a timber load needs to be picked up from the middle of nowhere, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T tire offers the best possible support – in the form of lateral and braking traction”, describes Mr. Siltanen.

The last kilometers of timber and earthmoving transport are often driven on narrow, rural roads, on an earthmoving site, or somewhere where there is hardly any road at all. Yet, the tires should work on highways as well. The Nokian R-Truck tire series is designed for both worlds, completing our offering for the transport professionals presented at the Transport-Logistics expo.

”The Nokian R-Truck tire series works on as well as off-the-road, offering a great option for every axle position”, highlights Mr. Teppo Siltanen. ”Nokian R-Truck Trailer tires now have new, extended size range, which allows heavy timber transport trucks to benefit from its excellent self-cleaning properties.”

Still, not all transports require tires designed for the extreme conditions. Nokian E-Truck tire family meets the need for tire suitable for every axle position to be used on Central European as well as Nordic highways – in regular conditions around the year.

”We will also showcase the Nokian E-Truck Trailer tire. The new sizes for both dual and single use makes the tire a tempting option for those seeking economical, reliable kilometers”, hints Mr. Teppo Siltanen.

Retreading is the modern way

In the Nordics, transport and logistics professionals are eager to retread their truck tires – and why wouldn’t they, as the practice saves resources, money and nature. Nokian Noktop is the name for both a strictly regulated process of retreading quality tires as well as the brand name for the wide range of Nokian Tyres premium retreading materials.

”As a tire manufacturer we can transform the tread’s good qualities onto the second round by offering retreading materials comparable to the original tread”, describes Mr. Siltanen. ”For example, at the expo we’ll be presenting the brand new Nokian Noktop 75 Super, which offers features comparable to the Nokian R-Truck Trailer tire tread for the wide Super Single trailer tires.”

It’s all about drivers

When the articulated vehicles grow longer, one thing will have more and more significance: the driver’s skills. At Transport-Logistics 2019 expo the visitors can enjoy the Finnish National Finals for the Scania Driver Competition. Nokian Tyres supports the competition measuring the driver’s skills with various challenges by providing the tires for the competition trucks.

”In the finals, the truck is fitted with Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F2 steer axle tires. The drive axles feature our top-of-the-line tires for snowy roads, Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E, and the trailer has a set of Nokian E-Truck Trailer tires on it”, lists Mr. Siltanen. ”There’s nothing that can replace a good driver when it comes to safety and fuel consumption, and good tires support them all the way in their work.”

Peace of mind for all roads

Those who drive professionally know that the one and same road can be very different during seasons and even within one day. Often the job at hand can also take them from the freezing North to the dry roads in the South – and anywhere in between. That is why Nokian Tyres listens to people whose safety and schedules depend on their tires.

”It’s our job to make the driver’s job easier”, sums up Mr. Siltanen. ”The right tire at the right place with a sensible tire lifecycle management brings piece of mind for those who drive for their living – as well as for the transport business operators, on a larger scope.”

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