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Tires to match the hardest work and the roughest conditions – Nokian Tyres presents a range of products in SIMA to help today’s contractors

Nokian Heavy Tyres, Nokia, Finland, 13 February 2019 – The world’s northernmost tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres has always been interested in the extreme – extreme conditions, extreme mileage, extreme load capacity. Because the hardest work and the roughest conditions really bring out the differences in tires, Nokian Tyres will be presenting a range of products to match the extreme demands of modern contracting work in the upcoming Paris International Agribusiness Show SIMA.

As one of the leading events of its kind in Europe, SIMA gathers everyone who’s anyone in farming and contracting business to Paris. Nokian Tyres will present a selection of tires designed to bring peace of mind for extremely tough contracting jobs such as earthmoving, forestry work and material transport.

Nokian Tractor King

The star of the show is the new Nokian Tractor King. It is essentially a tractor tire with the carcass of a heavy-duty earthmoving tire, completed with steel belts, extra cord layers and Aramid-reinforced sidewalls. This, combined with a strong rubber compound, makes it all but immune to scratches, cuts and punctures of forestry and earthmoving work.

Nokian Tractor King also features a clever lug pattern design with 50% more tractive edges, giving it an excellent traction on all surfaces from sticky clay to loose sand. But since much of today’s contracting involves fast highway transports as well, the tire is also optimized to give comfortable, vibration-free ride on highway speeds – unlike typical log pattern. More information: and

Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI

The block-patterned Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI was the world’s first winter tire for tractors. Now Nokian Tyres is presenting a variant intended to extend the winter capabilities of telehandlers as well, while maintaining the good summer properties. More information: and

Nokian TRI 2

Another innovative block pattern tire, Nokian TRI 2, is designed for today’s versatile contracting work. It is equally at home on job sites and highways, on hot tarmac and snowy parking lots.

Nokian CT

Heavy earthmoving work puts trailer tires to the test as well. Nokian CT is a flotation tire that carries staggering loads, has a great puncture resistance and wears very slowly.

Nokian Country King

With proven field and road capability, Nokian Country King is a long-lasting, rugged flotation tire for demanding use in large agricultural machines and trailers. Its good self-cleaning properties and reliability have made it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

More information about Nokian CT and Nokian Country King:

Nokian Excavator

Special tire for excavator use, Nokian Excavator offers much-needed grip and stability while being friendly to the soil. This makes it ideal for parks, yards and soft surfaces.

Peace of mind for demanding work

Hard work calls for matching tires. Since unplanned work stoppages due to tire damage can be very costly, Nokian Tyres aims to make their tires so reliable that they enable the full potential of the modern, efficient machinery. A good set of tires can extend the capabilities of a machine, creating new work opportunities. So, the harder the work and rougher the conditions, the better Nokian Tyres can match the contractor needs.


Paris International Agribusiness Show SIMA, 24–28 February, 2019

Further information:

Toni Silfverberg, Head of Sales & Marketing, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd, [email protected], tel. +358 10 401 7854

Pierre Choubert, Sales Manager France & Italy, Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd, [email protected], tel. +33 6 72 85 83 30

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