Unmatched versatility: Nokian Tyres developed a new wheel loader tire offering excellent all-terrain grip

Unmatched versatility: Nokian Tyres developed a new wheel loader tire offering excellent all-terrain grip

Thu May 30 9:00 AM 2024 in category Product news

Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader handles diverse terrains from soft mud to hard surfaces effortlessly. Utilizing the Hybrilug™ technology created by Nokian Tyres, the new wheel loader tire ensures comfortable, silent driving, increased productivity, and predictable handling for agile loader work.

Loader work involves a multitude of tasks performed under diverse conditions. Choosing the right tires can greatly enhance productivity by offering tailored support for the task at hand. Until now, a lug patterned traction tire used to be the only option when working on soft and sticky soil.

The new Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader utilizes the Hybrilug™ technology, which effectively combines the best features of traditional block and lug tread pattern.

“The Hybrilug blocks provide stability, even wear and smooth driving”, says Kimmo Kekki, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “But the tire also has lugs to enhance grip in mud and loose terrain, ensuring confidence in various conditions.”


Ideal applications for the new wheel loader tire

One example of the works that benefit from the new Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader tire is loading of gravel, compost and dirt, as the tire tackles heavy loads effortlessly, providing stability and traction on gravel roads and construction sites.

It is also well-suited for material handling on farms, from crop handling to loading silage, as its versatility adapts to the ever-changing demands of agricultural work.


Efficient loader work, fast road transits

Wheel loaders keep materials moving, farms operating and roads clean – year-round, regardless of the weather. Accurate, safe and confident working is ensured by the strong radial carcass with tough shoulders, enabling stability, comfort and wide contact area.

“Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader is engineered for a wide range of soil types, from hard-packed surfaces to soft, loamy ground”, says Kekki. “On wet fields or loose dirt, it delivers exceptional traction, and on road transits it gives you fast, comfortable ride.”

Another key feature for maneuvering the loader safely and efficiently in tight spaces is precise and predictable handling.



Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader is now available for order in size 20.5R25, which makes it a drop-in replacement for many wheel loaders. This enables as many users as possible to extend their loader capabilities. Visit our website at www.nokiantyres.com/heavy for more information and to locate a dealer near you.


The world premiere at Svenska Maskinmässan

Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader makes its first appearance in Sweden, at Svenska Maskinmässan trade fair held in Solvalla, Stockholm. See it yourself at Nokian Tyres booth, S:55 on May 30–June 1. See you at Maskinmässan!


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