Complete wheels for forestry skidders and ctl machines

Complete wheels for forestry skidders and ctl machines

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Nokian Tyres complete wheels – rugged reliability for forestry work

Forest is an unforgiving environment with all the sharp rocks, tree stumps and steep slopes. With the perfectly matched quality tires and advanced, rugged wheels complementing each other, you minimize the risk of wheel slippage or impact damage while maximizing the load-bearing capacity. The Nokian Tyres rim and tire packages are bolt-on solutions for skidders, CTL machines and forestry tractors. They make forestry work more confident with their quality steel, resilient double powder coating, efficient knurling, and a choice of reinforcements for added strength and load-bearing capacity.


Nokian Tyres CTL Wheel

CTL wheels and tires for cut-to-length logging, full-tree logging, delimbing, felling and bucking trees. Sturdy, reinforced wheel with corrosion and impact-resistant double coating and effective knurling minimizes the risk of tire slippage. The rim and tire combo can carry heavy loads and offers an extended service life.

Nokian Tyres CTL Wheel Xtreme

The most heavy-duty forestry wheel for heaviest machinery and rough terrains, its thicker steel and strong reinforcements offer ultimate reliability and load-bearing capacity while the advanced knurling minimizes the risk of tire slippage.



Nokian Tyres Skidder Wheel Xtreme

Heavy wheel with the thick extreme steel, advanced knurling, extra reinforcement, and durable double coating is the right choice for 4 and 6-wheel logging as well as full-tree forestry work.


Nokian Tyres Tractor Wheel Xtreme

The extra sturdy, reinforced tractor wheel brings load-bearing capacity for the heaviest forestry, mulching or construction work in the toughest terrains.

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Wheels for every need

From bolt-on rim and tire packages to special twin wheel configurations or variable width wheels as well as completely customized solutions – if required, every parameter of your Nokian Tyres wheels can be tailored to your individual needs. Besides basic geometry, you can choose the needed reinforcements, valve guard and other details – such as colour.