Underground Mining

Underground Mining

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Nokian Tyres MINE KING E-4

Nokian Tyres MINE KING E-4

Puncture protection Diagonal (bias tire) Tube type
Purpose designed and built special tire for drill rigs and utility vehicles
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Nokian Tyres MINE KING L-5S

Nokian Tyres MINE KING L-5S

Cut and crack resistant Damping Diagonal (bias tire) Tubeless
For extreme underground loading application
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Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine

Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine

Puncture protection Tube type Tread depth indicator Diagonal (bias tire)
Strong tire for drill rigs with mining compound and improved, wider tread
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Nokian Tyres MINE L-3S

Nokian Tyres MINE L-3S

Damping Diagonal (bias tire) Tubeless Puncture protection Chain use
Efficiency for versatile underground mine contracting
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Nokian Tyres Nordman MINE E-4

Nokian Tyres Nordman MINE E-4

Cut and crack resistant Radial Tubeless
Nokian Tyres Nordman Mine All-Steel Radial for articulated dump trucks
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