Nokian Heavy Tyres Research and Development Center

Nokian Heavy Tyres Research and Development Center

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Making professional tire use safer and more efficient

Innovation is not enough – we must prove our ideas. In the new, state-of-the-art Nokian Tyres Research & Development Center, the tires must go through a series of ruthless tests to find their limits and reveal their capabilities. With added automation and capacity, our R&D center has reached a whole new level, helping us to develop tires for tractors and other heavy machinery as well as our premium bus and truck tires.

Answers for different needs

The purpose of the new R&D center located in Nokia, Finland, is to ensure that new premium tires can be brought to the market faster – safety and sustainability first above. The whole testing process from 3D scanning and pressure testing to section-cutting is optimized to provide answers to different needs.

Collaboration for better tires

With the old bottlenecks eliminated, the new machinery enables gathering more data and analyzing it better. But above all, the product development and OEM collaboration are now much more efficient as the integration with the testing is more solid than before.

Peace of mind in all conditions

The real proof of tires comes from real-world field testing. That is why we test our tires both on their actual working environments and on dedicated testing centers – in Nokia, Finland, in Ivalo, Lapland and soon in Spain as well.


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