Nokian Tyres IntuituTM 
FAQs and technical specifications 

Technical specifications

Designed and developed by and for Nokian Tyres, the Nokian Tyres Intuitu sensor measures tire pressure and temperature directly from the inside surface of the tire. It sends measurements every minute via Bluetooth to the Nokian Tyres Intuitu mobile app. 

When the app detects abnormal tire conditions, it alerts the user. This way, action can be taken to keep the tires in top condition, thus working safely, extending the life of the tire and keeping costs as low as possible.  

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Pressure measurement: 

0 – 9 bar (+/- 0.04 bar) 

Temperature measurement: 

-40 to 80°C (+/-2 °C) 

(-40 °C to -20 °C with limited functionality and performance) 


10 000 active hours typical usage. Non-replaceable battery. 

Sensor location:

Inner surface of tire. 

No wheel-balancing required. 

Communication between smart tire and mobile app: 

Bluetooth low energy 


Low pressure, High temperature 

Sensor connection lost 

Offline operation: 

Pressure and temperature. Fleet monitoring requires a network connection. 

App available for: 

Android 8 onwards | iOS 11 onwards 

Sensor warranty: 

Whichever comes first: 

- 8 000 hours of operation, OR 

- 2 years from date of purchase 

Not covered: 

- Use with liquids of any kind in the tire 

- Use with inner tubes 

Tire warranty: 

Smart tires have an extra year warranty. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

App download, installation and account management


How do I choose a good password?

You need to choose a password that you will remember because it is common that apps ask you to to log in every now and then, for example after being updated. The easiest way to do this is like this:

1. Choose a meaningful word (perhaps related to the tire or machine)
2. Include a capital letter
3. Add some numbers
4. Make sure you have 8 or more characters

You can reset the password from the login page.

How much data does the app use?

Extremely little. From settings you can choose whether to sync with the Intuitu cloud all the time or only with Wi-Fi. 
Note! If you turn off your data connection, information will not be shared with other users in the fleet. 

Smart tires


Smart tire monitoring


I am a fleet manager and I know that the tires are awake and being used, but I see no live data.

Please check the following. If they do not help, please contact us.

1. Does your phone have a data connection?
2. Does your driver have their phone with them?
3. Does your driver's phone have a working data connection?
4. Is this phone close to the smart tires? Metal and glass weaken the Bluetooth signal from the tires.
5. Is the Intuitu app active and signed in to the correct account?
6. Have Bluetooth and location permissions been enabled all the time and not just when the app is in use?
7. Try signing out and back in again on the driver's phone
8. Try restarting the driver's phone.

How do I know if a smart tire sensor has stopped working?

If the app detects a tire from which it has received no data for 15 minutes while others are moving and sending data, the app will display a "Smart tire connection lost" notification.

If you have an iPhone, try cleaning your list of Bluetooth devices by removing any that you no longer use.

If this alarm persists for more than a few days, please contact us.

How do I reduce phone battery consumption in areas of poor or no network coverage?

All the key features of smart tire monitoring work without a data connection. When you are working in areas of poor network coverage, the largest drain on the battery comes from communicating with the mobile network. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location services use significantly less power and are OK to leave running so that the app can continue to monitor your smart tires.

If it is not possible to charge the phone while monitoring smart tires, try the following:

1. Change the app to 'Wi-Fi only data usage' from Settings. The tire data will be available to the fleet manager when you next have a Wi-Fi connection.
2. If you also want to keep Bluetooth and location services turned off on your phone, we recommend checking your smart tires once a day by turning these on for the time that you check the smart tires. Note that You will not get immediate warnings of tire problems, but this a great compromise because most tire problems start with a slow leak and are not sudden.

How do the alarms work?

There is a low-pressure alarm and a high-temperature alarm. You can set the alarm as you wish. When a reading is detected that is the wrong side of the limit, the app will notify you. We will anyway notify you and all users in the fleet if the pressure drops below the minimum on the scale or the temperature exceeds the maximum on the scale. This way even fleet managers are notified of extreme values. These limits have been set by Nokian Tyres tire engineers to ensure tire safety. 

Data privacy and security

For Nokian Tyres, your privacy and data security are matters of utmost importance. That’s why every aspect of the Intuitu service is fully GDPR compliant. To ensure security, the data transfer between the sensors and the mobile application is encrypted. The data storage is provided by world-leading data storage platform providers. 

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Intuitu gathers the following data: 

  • User details: name, login details, contact details 
  • Smart tire data: pressure, temperature, movement, time of measurement 
  • From the device communicating with the smart tire: 
    • Speed and altitude
    • App usage data 

The data is used as follows: 

  • For providing the app features – tire monitoring, tire registration 
  • To improve tire warranty claim handling 
  • Anonymized data is used 
    • To gain an understanding of how the tires are being used 
    • For designing and developing better tires 
    • For improving the app and related services 
  • To communicate with customers (marketing communication only if allowed by the user) 


Registering your new heavy tires in the Intuitu application entitles you to a one-year tire warranty extension. The Intuitu sensors in smart tires are covered with a warranty of their own, for 8000 active usage hours or 2 years from the purchase date – whichever comes first. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by the use of liquid-filled tires or inner tube. For warranty claims, the tire usage data gathered by the Intuitu application may be used. 

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