Nokian Tyres extends its tire offering for trucks: new sizes to Nokian E-Truck and R-Truck product families

November 4th 2021 – Product news

For truck transports, it is important to have the right tire for the job at hand. The Nokian E-Truck family of tires is designed for reliable, economical kilometers on medium and regional haul. Nokian R-Truck, on the other hand, is a tire family for demanding on and off-road use. Nokian Tyres widens its tire portfolio with new sizes to serve the users of both tire ranges even better.

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Tough tire for tough conditions – the new Nokian TR Forest 2 tire offers forest-proven strength and stability for light and medium weight forestry tractors

September 15th 2021 – Product news

Not all quality tires are made for the biggest and most powerful tractors. For many years, the Nokian TR Forest tire with its comprehensive size range has been a proven, reliable choice for light and medium weight forestry tractors. Now the tire has been renewed with new features – without losing any of the properties that made it a classic for tough forestry work. Introducing the new Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tire!

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Improved efficiency by heavier loads – Nokian CT trailer tire gets even higher load-bearing capacity

September 2nd 2021 – Product news

Designed for the heaviest loads and toughest surfaces, the Nokian CT agricultural trailer tire has brought stability, long service life and massive load-bearing capacity to earthmoving and contracting jobs for years. Now the popular 600/55R26.5 size of Nokian CT gets an update that enables even bigger loads and higher operating pressures – resulting in even better operational efficiency.

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Confidence on any road, in any weather– the new Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer tire offers higher mileage, safety and economy for the most demanding transports

August 10th 2021 – Product news

With heavy loads on changing road conditions, the tires on every axle position matter. The high trailer weight affects the handling of the entire vehicle, making the grip, stability and reliability of the trailer tires a critical demand. When transporting dangerous goods (ADR), liquids or bulk, premium trailer tires give confidence to the handling of the entire truck. The Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer is a premium all-weather trailer tire for the most demanding transports. It offers higher mileage, excellent grip and low rolling resistance for confident, comfortable and economical driving.

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Efficiency and safety for maintenance work in built environment – Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI tire is made available for utility tractors in popular 65-series sizes

June 22nd 2021 – Product news

Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI tire offers the winning combination of all-season efficiency, unsurpassed grip in varying winter conditions and excellent handling on the road. Its versatility and wide size range have made it a popular choice from compact tractors to high-powered machines. Now, with the new 540/65R28 and 650/65R38 tire sizes, the number of available sizes extends to 29.

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