White Hell Tire Testing Center

White Hell Tire Testing Center

Heavy tires tested in extreme winter conditions

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Winter testing for truck, bus, tractor and other heavy tires

Throughout the Nordic winter season, the people, goods and materials must keep moving safely. The farms, earthmoving sites and factories must keep working in snowy, cold weather. That’s why it is essential to test our truck and bus tires as well as tires for tractors and other heavy machinery in extreme winter conditions. Welcome to White Hell, the Nokian Tyres testing center in Ivalo, Lapland!


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Testing night and day

The vast 700-hectar testing area above the Arctic Circle does not see much daylight during the long winter months. But our methodical testing every year sheds important light for product development, enabling ever better winter properties for all-season truck and bus tires.

On and off the road

From the first day of winter, the tractors, wheel loaders and property maintenance machinery must keep the streets, rail yards and parking lots clear. Their tires are also tested in White Hell, and the testing methods perfected over the decades keep Nokian Tyres at the forefront of winter tire technology.

"White Hell" - A perfect place for pushing the limits of human innovation

White Hell is the largest winter tire testing center in the world, it is testing real-life performance in a way no computer model ever could. Only the most extreme environment guarantees the ultimate safety and performance.


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