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Always know how your tires are doing –
from one tire to the entire fleet

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Smart tires for tractors – your digital advantage 

Are you ready for a new kind of tractor work? A work that’s more informed, safer, more efficient and economical? With smart pressure and temperature monitoring from Nokian Tyres IntuituTM smart tires and mobile app, you will always know how your tires are doing. 

Wireless and machine-independent, the Nokian Tyres Intuitu tire pressure and temperature monitoring system uses in-built sensors and a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. From real-time alerts to fleet management data, Nokian Tyres Intuitu keeps you informed at all times.

Download the Intuitu app  

The Nokian Tyres Intuitu mobile app brings all your tires to your pocket. From a single vehicle to an entire fleet, from tractors to forestry machines, the Nokian Tyres Intuitu app makes sure your tires bring you their best value.


Digital tires are the key to more efficient, safer and more sustainable working. Combined with the digital service platform, Nokian Tyres Intuitu smart tires are much more than just a TPMS sensor (tire pressure monitoring system). Attached to the tire’s inner surface, the smart tire pressure and temperature sensors give you accurate, real-time information – ideal for monitoring the tire condition in daily work as well as for managing your entire business. 


Smart tire pressure monitoring is important for grip and stability as well as fuel consumption and tire service life. With Nokian Tyres Intuitu, you can be sure you’ll get the most out of your tire investment. 


High tire temperatures are linked to tire damage and are a safety risk. Nokian Tyres Intuitu tire monitoring system alerts you on time, making your entire operation more informed, safer and sustainable. 


By registering your tires on Nokian Tyres Intuitu, you will get a one-year extension to normal tire warranty and a direct communication channel with Nokian Tyres.  

Intuitu vision

Nokian heavy tyres


  • Tire monitoring 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Safer work
Fleet managers

Fleet managers

  • Improved tire service life 
  • Less machine downtime 
  • Lower cost of ownership 
Machine manufacturers

Machine manufacturers

  • Promote sustainability 
  • Holistic machine management 
  • Plug & Play solution 

“Mornings are effortless now that I can check that everything is okay with just one look at my phone” 

Jari Suontausta, Nokia, Finland 

Better tire use with real-time, fact-based information

Contracting work improved with better fuel consumption and tire durability

Since Mr. Kalle Riihimäki does road maintenance work all year round – even during the most difficult winter days in Finland – his need for durable tires for his tractor is emphasized. 1.5 years ago, Mr. Riihimäki started using Nokian Tyres IntuituTM smart tires for his snow plowing tractor to work more efficiently and effortlessly.

“Before, I checked the condition of my tires a few times a year. Now I can do it easily every day, whenever I need to”, Mr. Riihimäki praises. “I can check the temperature and tire pressure of my tires easily just with my phone and by opening the Nokian Tyres IntuituTM app. This way, all the important information I need is based on facts, not just visual evaluation”, Mr. Riihimäki says.

Feedback, questions, worries? 

The Nokian Tyres Intuitu support team is there to help you in case of trouble. For more answers, check the Intuitu Frequently asked question (FAQ) section. 

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