Customer service

Customer service


Nokian Heavy Tyres is a tire manufacturer that assumes responsibility for its products. Our technical customer service is continuously monitoring our customers’ experiences and feedback from the field, where the tires are actually being used: in the forests, fields, mines, and harbors. We are there, where the customer needs us. Knowing the working conditions of our tires and machines are equally as important as mastering the technical tire properties. This is why we are ready to send a technical expert to help and support our customers if needed – anywhere in the world.

It is vitally important for quality and product development to have feedback from the field relayed to the tire designers and developers. The technical customer service embodies versatile technical skills, years of experience and close interaction with customers and other stakeholders.

Technical Customer Service 

  • Provides help, information and guidance in technical tire problems
  • Offers product training and handles customer feedback
  • Serves all of Nokian Heavy Tyres’ customers and stakeholders – end-users, original equipment manufacturers, partners, and tire outlets – worldwide 

Technical Customer Service : [email protected]

Note! This customer service email only handles requests about heavy tires.
For van and passenger car tire requests, please contact your dealer or see customer service for passenger car tires

Technical manual

This technical manual will be your tool in finding the right tire for your work, with a promise on carefree working hours.


Unique experience, speed, and flexibility

Our heavy tires are sold in both the original equipment and replacement markets. There are high demands for efficient and reliable service. Co-operation with the world’s leading machine manufacturers spanning several decades has enriched Nokian Heavy Tyres’ product development and customer service with unique experience and understanding of customer needs.

The strength of Nokian Heavy Tyres’ lies in the flat organization structure and ability to quickly react to customer needs and changes in the market. The company’s sales organization assigns a dedicated contact person to each customer. Customer relationships are often long-term, personal contacts. Consistent investments are made in the continual development of quality, productivity, and logistics.

Comprehensive, tailored customer service concepts have been developed over the past few years, such as complete wheel solutions and prompt deliveries.

Partners and the Vianor tire chain serve customers around the world

Nokian Heavy Tyres´ specialized partners and the Vianor tire chain, owned by the Nokian Tyres group, are supporting the development of sales and technical service. Experienced, skilled partners and distributors, as well as the continuously expanding Vianor outlet network, enable us to serve our customers all around the world.

Our professional technical customer service and logistic services are unique in the specialised business segments. The service offering is further complemented by such products as rims, tubes and pressure indicators and related expertise. Our continuously renewing service is impossible to match or copy.