Nokian Tyres Intuitu™ –
mart tires for tractors

Your digital advantage 

Are you ready for a new kind of tractor work? A work that’s more informed, safer, more efficient and economical? With Nokian Tyres IntuituTM smart tires and mobile app, you always know how your tires are doing – from one tire to the entire fleet. 

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Nokian Tyres Intuitu is
 for following 
tractor tires 

Nokian Tyres Ground King 
Nokian Tyres Tractor King
Nokian Tyres TRI 2
Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI

Real advantage for real work

Monitor your tire pressure 

Nokian Tyres Intuitu has smart tire pressure sensors directly attached to the tire itself. With accurate real-time data and alerts on your mobile, you can: 

Start your day more relaxed with the tire pressure data on your smartphone screen 
Have more grip and tire life with optimal tire pressure 
Get immediate alerts if there is something wrong

Real advantage for real work

Monitor your tire temperature

Tire temperature information is vital for everyday safety. With the smart sensors measuring temperature directly from the tire inner surface, you can: 

Make sure the tire temperature is within the normal operating range 
Get alerts if the temperature rises suddenly 
Save costs by minimizing the risk of tire damage

Real advantage for real work

Manage your fleet 

Fleet management made easy, wherever you areAdd as many vehicles, drivers and fleet managers as you like – just invite them direct from the app. Everyone in the fleet can then drive all vehicles in the fleet and smart tire data is collected constantly. 

Minimize downtime by nipping problems in the bud with real-time alerts. 
Improve tire life by ensuring the correct operating pressure 
Enjoy peace of mind that the fleet is ready for the day’s work

Smart tires and a smartphone – that’s all 

The heart of the Nokian Tyres Intuitu smart tire solution is your smartphone. Getting the smart tire benefits is simplicity itsel just download the free Intuitu app to register, monitor and manage your tires. No extra hardware, no hassle, just Intuitu smart tires and compatible phone. Available for Android 8 onwards and iOS 11 onwards. 

Intuitu app

“Mornings are effortless now that I can check that everything is okay with just one look at my phone” 

Jari Suontausta, Nokia, Finland 

Feedback, questions, worries? 

The Nokian Tyres Intuitu support team is there to help you in case of trouble. For more answers, check the Intuitu Frequently asked question (FAQ) section. 

The vision of the digital tire

Nokian Tyres Intuitu is a continuously developing solution with plenty of new features to come. What is the future of digital tires like? Read about our vision.

Intuitu vision

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