Underground mining tires

Underground mining tires

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The profitability of any mining operation relies heavily on the efficiency of drill rigs. To keep the cost per meter as low as possible, downtime of the machines must be kept to a minimum. The choice of drill rig tires plays an important role in getting the most out of your rig and maximizing productivity.

Typically, a drill rig does not cover that much mileage during its operating life, but its tires still face many challenges. Puncture risk from sharp rocks, drill cuttings, wet and slippery stones, maneuvering in cramped tunnels… the underground world of mining can be unforgiving. Mining and tunneling work in such demanding conditions require mining tires designed specifically for its challenges. This is what Nokian Tyres is specialized in – making your every workday safer and more efficient.  

Tires made for mining


Nokian Tyres works in close co-operation with both mining machinery manufacturers and end-users. The results of this collaboration include a space-saving and stable drill rig with a lower center of gravity thanks to a new, special tire size. These results demonstrate the importance of specialized tires in underground mining work. 

Get your machinery where it’s needed

In cramped tunnels, accuracy in rig handling is important to avoid collisions. The mining tires by Nokian Tyres have been designed with predictable, accurate steering in mind. Another important property of mining tires is of course their grip. Wet stones are slippery and drill cuttings do not make the work any easier. With Nokian Tyres mining tires you can be sure your drill rig has all the grip you need.  

All about reliability

Drill rigs and tunneling jumbos spend their operating lives in unforgiving underground conditions. Resistance against punctures is an important feature of all mining tires. Both the structure and rubber compound used in our drill rig tires is carefully engineered to withstand the harsh underground conditions and sharp rocks – typically for the lifetime of the drill rig itself. For easy monitoring of the tire condition, drill rig tires by Nokian Tyres feature a groove depth indicator that shows the tire’s condition at a glance. 

2 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres MINE KING E-4

Nokian Tyres MINE KING E-4

Puncture protection Diagonal (bias tire) Tube type
Purpose designed and built special tire for drill rigs and utility vehicles
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Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine

Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine

Puncture protection Tube type Tread depth indicator Diagonal (bias tire)
Strong tire for drill rigs with mining compound and improved, wider tread
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Heavy tires for underground mininG

Drill rigs are no small vehicles and therefore need tires that can withstand impressively heavy loads. The underground working conditions of mining tires make the challenge even greater. That’s why Nokian Tyres has created the perfect mining tires for heavy drill rigs.

Nokian Tyres Mine King E-4

The rugged Nokian Tyres Mine King E-4 is designed to complement your heavy mining equipment. It boasts exceptional stability with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bars. For good puncture resistance and a long tire service life, it has deep grooves with a solid middle section. The outstanding grip of the tire is guaranteed by its sharp shoulders and large contact area.

Nokian Tyres Armor Gard Mine

The Nokian Tyres Armor Gard Mine and the Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine with improved technology are mining tires designed for heavy machinery operating in harsh underground conditions. Both mining tires offer a stable and accurate driving response and good handling, thanks to their special rubber compound. The top-of-the-class cut resistance of Armor Gard Mine and Armor Gard 2 Mine reduces the risk of sudden tire damage.   

Radial and bias tires

Mining tires can be categorized into two main categories depending on tire size and tire performance. These two categories are radial tires and bias tires.

Bias mining tires (diagonal tires)

A bias ply tire, or a diagonal tire, has its belts positioned at a 30-45 degree angle in relation to the tread center line. Working in demanding mining conditions, the robust sidewalls of the bias tires may be a huge benefit to avoid tire damage. These tires also possess excellent traction. The increased flexibility at low speeds sets them apart from radial tires. With great self-cleaning features and suitability for short rides, the performance of bias tires can be described as safe and steady.

Explore the different mining tire options for off-road use from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual for more information. Find the right tire for your heavy machinery from Nokian Tyres and experience optimal performance in all mining conditions. Check out our tire selection also for underground loader tires.  

Radial mining tires

The radial tire has its belts positioned at a 90-degree angle in relation to the tread center line. A radial tire provides an even wear and long tire life. This makes radial tires the preferred tire type for many miners. With exceptional traction, suitability for longer distances and great puncture resistance in the tread area, radial tires serve smooth and secure mobility in the mines.