Underground loader tires

Underground loader tires

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Underground loading applications set high demands for tires. The materials must be kept moving steadily, safely and efficiently with minimal risk of tire damage. The unforgiving working environment with its sharp or wet rocks calls for extremely rugged, purpose-built underground loader tires.

Nokian Tyres is known for creating specialized tires for varying working conditions. That’s particularly true with tunneling and mining work, as most tire manufacturers try to make do with general-purpose tires instead of engineering underground loader tires from scratch. Nokian Tyres, on the other hand, works in collaboration with mining equipment manufacturers and end users to create the best possible solutions for the task at hand.  

The chain advantage

When the conditions are challenging, tight protective chains can be used on the wheel loader tires. Chains have the benefit of covering every exposed part of the tire, reducing the risk of punctures while enabling better traction and more efficient work.

Nokian Tyres has created the world’s first underground loader tire that is designed for chain use, the Nokian Tyres Mine L-3S. It improves work safety with its strong and stable high-end material construction, making it suitable for extreme conditions. Nokian Tyres Mine L-3S supports chains in an optimal way and makes setting up easy.  

Flexible configuration

The Nokian Tyres Mine L-3S tire fits loader wheel space without the need for additional modification. What’s more, its diameter with chains equals that of the Nokian Tyres Mine King L-5S tire. This allows for a more flexible tire configuration, as you can use the Nokian Tyres Mine L-3S tires with chains on the front axle and Nokian Tyres Mine King L-5S tires without chains on the rear axle, for instance.  

Extreme ruggedness without chains

For underground loaders without chains, the Nokian Tyres Mine King L-5S tire is a rugged and reliable choice. It has many strengthening layers, making Mine King L-5S a tire you can rely on in the most demanding applications. For extended service life, Nokian Tyres Mine King L-5S has a slick surface together with a special cut and crack resistant (CCR) rubber compound.

High pressure, high loads

Nokian Tyres Mine King L-5S can be inflated to a pressure of up to 8 bar (in size 12.00-20 up to 10 bar). The high pressures of the tire are made possible by its extremely durable carcass and bead materials, making it more stable under heavy wheel loaders. The Nokian Tyres Mine King L-5S tire can be used with the more heavy and effective wheel loaders, thanks to its high load capacity.

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Nokian Tyres MINE KING L-5S

Nokian Tyres MINE KING L-5S

ccr Damping Diagonal Tubeless
For extreme underground loading application
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Nokian Tyres MINE L-3S

Nokian Tyres MINE L-3S

Damping Diagonal Tubeless Puncture protection Chain use
Efficiency for versatile underground mine contracting
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Difference between underground tires and mining tires

All underground operations have unique characteristics and every machine is developed for its own purpose. Depending on your labor, the machine sent down to the tunnels may not come back up until the work is complete. The requirements of your equipment may vary and this is why it is important to recognize the differences between general underground tires and specialized mining tires.

The underground tires can be used for several machines and varying tasks underground. These vehicles include loaders, dump trucks and hauler trucks that are able to perform more than just the heavy off-road tasks specific to mining.  

Key attributes of Nokian Tyres underground tires

Nokian Tyres has developed tires that meet the harshest requirements of the underground mining and construction industry. With Nokian Tyres underground loader tires you can have:

  • Minimal risk of tire damage
  • Multi-layer construction
  • CCR rubber compound for additional durability
  • Functionality in demanding underground surroundings
  • Specialized tires developed together with mining manufacturers to ensure optimal tire performance
  • Ability to operate even with heavy loads
  • Exceptional traction and stability

Find specialized heavy tires for underground loading and mining from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual to learn more. Achieve your peak performance underground with the Nokian Tyres premium tire selection, designed to withstand severe mining conditions and demanding off-road operations