EU Tire Labels For Truck and Bus Tires

EU Tire Labels For Truck and Bus Tires

EU tire labels help you choose SAFER AND MORE FUEL-EFFICIENT TIRES

New EU tire label requirements will be widened to cover also truck and bus tires starting May 1, 2021.



The label renewal aims to make the choice for safer, eco-friendlier and fuel-efficient tires even easier.
The new label includes a classification for rolling resistance, wet grip and external rolling noise. The classes in wet grip and fuel efficiency are renewed to be similar to those of other household appliances. The labels will include a scale from A to E. In addition, there is a new way of marking noise class with letters from A to C, and the decibel level must also be mentioned.

Tires approved for severe snow conditions (3PMSF) can include information on snow grip whereas the ice grip marking used with passenger car tires, is not applicable for truck and bus tires. The new label includes a QR code that can be scanned to see more information on the tire in EPREL, European Product Registry for Energy Labelling.


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Where can I find the label information?

You can find the product specific label information on each product page in the technical specifications section by clicking on "Show more" under the size information.

what is the eu tire label and how does it help you?

From 2012, buying new tyres in the European Union has been made easier by the EU tire label. The label is similar to the energy labels for household appliances.

The classification criteria of wet grip, rolling noise, fuel efficiency and snow grip and ice grip simplify and guide your tire purchase decision. Their aim is to value tires in terms of safety, economy and comfort.

eu tire label renewal - what does it mean to you as a tire dealer?

The new regulation states, that the label information must be clearly visible in your point of sale. In case of the tire not being physically available at a store, the information must be provided digitally.

Nokian Tyres will keep you updated on the mandatory actions concerning the label and its visibility.


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