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Impeccable grip, comfort and eco-friendliness: The new NOKIAN TYRES Hakkapeliitta® R5 is pure safety

The new Hakkapeliitta R5 for passenger cars and the Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV for sport utility vehicles and crossovers are made to deliver uncompromised safety and smart driving features for every day of winter. Offering the purest form of safety, the new Hakkapeliitta R5 product range is an innovative combination of pure winter grip, silence and driving comfort. A special introduction into this product family is the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV, a dedicated version for electric vehicles and hybrids. 

Nokian Tyres is introducing its new flagship range of Nordic non-studded winter tires. Designed for passenger cars and SUVs, the new Hakkapeliitta R5 offers unprecedented ice grip, comfort and green driving features specially designed for the Northern winter. The excellent winter safety properties of the new products are a direct result of a new tread design, innovations like new grip particles, rigorous testing and relentless research.  

-  Our mission is to keep you safe and ensure that your journey is predictable on every day of winter. While the weather can be unpredictable and hazardous, your tires should not be. Continuous improvement from one generation to the next is deeply rooted in our development philosophy. With the new Hakkapeliitta R5, we have focused especially on superior winter grip and controlled handling, increasing driving comfort, and minimizing the environmental impact. This results in pure driving enjoyment, says Nokian Tyres’ Head of R&D Olli Seppälä
The new Hakkapeliitta R5 product range comes with a comprehensive selection of over 160 products. Covering sizes from 14 to 22 inches, the Hakkapeliitta R5 is offered in speed categories Q (160km/h), R (170 km/h) and T (190 km/h). Most of the products are marked XL for the highest possible load capacity in that size. The selection will be available to consumers in autumn 2022. The main markets are in the Nordic countries, Russia and North America.  

The new Hakkapeliitta R5 is developed by Nokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer and the inventor of the winter tire. Nokian Tyres is among the global leaders in safety and eco-friendliness, and it is committed to continuing this effort by offering safe, smart, and sustainable mobility.  

Pure grip 

One of the major safety leaps has been achieved by renewing the tread pattern. The new Double Block Grip design offers superior grip and handling, and it can be seen especially on the shoulder areas of the tire. The stiff row of tread blocks starts from the center and is split in two moving towards the shoulder area. Compared to its predecessor, the NOKIAN TYRES Hakkapeliitta® R3, the new Hakkapeliitta R5 has 40% more tread blocks on the shoulder and intermediate area. This increase means that the contact area has 4% more rubber touching the surface, which results in better grip on slippery surfaces. 

The best-in-class ice performance is guaranteed by the unique Arctic Grip Crystals. The microscopic crystals are mixed in the tread compound and work like built-in studs, creating sharp, tough grip edges inside the rubber. As the tire wears down, the crystals emerge and activate a well-needed grip reserve.   

- The predecessor, which is already a multiple test winner, has set the bar high, but the new Hakkapeliitta R5 takes the performance to the next level.   

The new tread pattern, along with amazing new innovations such as Arctic Grip Crystals and Double Block Grip design, have enabled us to dramatically increase winter safety and comfort – the most valued features of a non-studded winter tire. For the driver this means balanced and predictable driving feel and less energy costs, as the rolling resistance has been lowered to provide even more sustainable driving, says Samu Lepistö, Nokian Tyres’ Development Manager.    

The uncompromising development work can be clearly felt in the overall winter performance. Compared to the Hakkapeliitta R3, the performance on ice and snow has increased by up to 4%. For example, the braking distance on ice is up to 5.6 meters shorter compared to the predecessor when braking from 0-80 km/h. The new Hakkapeliitta R5 also comes with a 10% increase in siping. The dense, computer-optimized sipes work optimally on ice, snow and bare roads. These deep-cut sipes ensure that grip remains safe even when the tire wears down. The self-locking 3D sipes press the tread blocks together on road contact, which improves handling during turns and evasions. 

The new Hakkapeliitta R5 covers all northern winter conditions offering predictable performance on bare, wet, icy and snowy roads. One of the most difficult conditions to handle is slush, especially when it appears between lanes on a busy motorway. Designed to prevent dangerous slushplaning, the main grooves on the tread help to effectively remove water and slush from between the tire and the road. The grooves open from the center of the tire towards the shoulder area and give a clear path to pumping water away from the road surface ensuring stable and reliable grip on slushy and wet roads. 

Pure comfort 

Tire noise can affect driving comfort significantly. Lower noise levels can make the journey more comfortable and less exhausting for the driver. The improved comfort features of the Hakkapeliitta R5 have been achieved by eliminating the most disturbing noise peaks the human ear can distinguish from inside the vehicle. This selective elimination results in less interior noise and added driving comfort.  

The new Silent Touch tread design offers comfortable and pleasant rolling thanks to the new tread block distribution. While the number of blocks has been increased, the individual blocks and grooves are smaller. Combined with the balanced tread blocks, the Silent Touch design offers stable handling, smooth driving and pleasant sound levels. 

Pure eco-friendliness 

Lighter rolling saves fuel and extends the range of electric vehicles. Due to the lightly rolling tread design and the new Green Trace compound, the rolling resistance of the Hakkapeliitta R5 has been improved even further. The Hakkapeliitta R5 has up to 4.4% lower rolling resistance than its predecessor and up to 15.5% better rolling resistance compared to the premium industry average of the main competitors. *  Also, with electric vehicles, the increase in driving range can add up to be quite significant. Compared to its premium peer group, the Hakkapeliitta R5 offers is 4,0% longer range. This can mean up to 230 km more range for one winter. ** 

- When designing new tires, the entire production process and the life cycle of the product must take the environmental factors into account. Starting from the material selection, the new Hakkapeliitta R5 has been designed to leave a smaller carbon footprint. The new, eco-friendly Green Trace compound offers safe and green driving due to ingredients like natural rubber, recycled steel, plant derived oils and pine resin. We’re proud to say that one third of the new compound consists of renewable and recycled materials. The new Hakkapeliitta R5 is durable, sustainable, and wear resistant, while being the most energy efficient winter tire in the entire world, says Katriina Markkula, Nokian Tyres’ Development Manager. 

Energy efficiency – in numbers 

The use of winter tires with low rolling resistance contributes to decreasing energy consumption. Compared to similar premium winter tires, cars using the Hakkapeliitta R5 consume 2.8% less fuel. In Finland, for example, a driver can save on average up to 48 liters of fuel, which decreases CO2 emissions by approximately 140 kg in four years, which is the estimated lifecycle of a winter tire. Indicative calculations show that electric cars using the Hakkapeliitta R5 can save 170 kWh of electricity during the estimated tire lifecycle of four years.   

Tires with low rolling resistance also have a positive impact on society. If for example all passenger cars using premium tires in Finland, Sweden and Norway used Hakkapeliitta R5 tire over the product’s lifecycle, the estimated fuel savings are 340 million liters, equaling the capacity of some 10 000 tanker trucks, and carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by an estimated 900 000 tons. Benefits to society from this carbon dioxide reduction are estimated at 54 million euros based on the social cost of carbon. ** 

NOKIAN TYRES Hakkapeliitta® R5 – Pure Safety   

  • Pure winter grip and balanced handling 

  • Supreme driving comfort and silence 

  • Eco-friendly mobility with fuel savings 

Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV – Pure control 

The new Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV is tailored to meet the needs of powerful and large SUV models and crossovers. Equipped with the same safety features and modern technology as the passenger car model, the Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV offers optimized stability, durability and wear resistance while managing the high wheel loads precisely and reliably. 

The SUV tailored tread compound offers improved stability and durability. The stiff SUV rubber compound works across a wide temperature range, offers excellent wear resistance and ensures safe grip and stable handling. The Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV has a strong body structure which further improves driving stability and durability. 

Winter weather offers many challenges for drivers, from snow- and ice-covered roads to large cracks and potholes formed from the freeze-and-thaw conditions that can weaken and damage the asphalt. As with all its SUV products, Nokian Tyres incorporated its revolutionary Aramid Strong Sidewalls into the Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV.  

The Aramid Sidewall technology offers durability and protection for demanding driving conditions. The strong, synthetic aramid fiber used in the compound reinforces the sidewalls and makes the tire more resistant to impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily break it. Accidental tire damage can incur a high cost, but the Aramid sidewalls may prevent the damage altogether.

NOKIAN TYRES Hakkapeliitta® R5 SUV – Pure Safety and Control 

  • Pure winter grip and balanced handling 

  • Increased stability and supreme driving comfort  

  • Eco-friendly mobility with fuel savings 

  • Aramid Strong Sidewalls for durability​ and protection 

Hakkapeliitta R5 EV – Pure silence 

When choosing tires for a hybrid or electric vehicle, the most valued features are safety, stability, low rolling resistance and low noise levels. A new introduction to the Hakkapeliitta R5 family is the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV. Designed and developed with environmentally friendly technology, the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV offers maximum safety, comfort and increased range for electric vehicles and hybrids.  

- Electric cars are quieter than traditional car models, which makes low rolling noise a question of comfort. When designing the new Hakkapeliitta R5, we have taken gigantic steps forward with silent driving features. This is important, as we want drivers to experience serenity inside the car and minimize noise pollution into the environment. The new Hakkapeliitta R5 EV is a perfect match for a modern electric vehicle, says Hannu Onnela, Senior Engineer for Nokian Tyres. 

The only noises EVs usually generate are caused by wind resistance or tires. When designing the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV, Nokian Tyres paid special attention to sound wave insulation. Even though the noise levels are already low on the passenger car model, the SilentDrive™ Technology pushes driving comfort to the max. The exceptionally low sound levels are achieved by adding a layer of acoustic foam to the inner liner of the tire. The SilentDrive™ Technology is included in all Hakkapeliitta R5 EV sizes. 

Electric vehicles typically have high power outputs and weigh more than cars with internal combustion engines. This sets specific requirements for their tires. To match this demand, the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV comes with a stronger structure and reinforced tread profile with an additional amount of rubber. The strong structure offers superior stability, while the tread is designed to withstand high torque and high wheel loads.  

Lower rolling resistance extends the vehicle's range. To lower the rolling resistance even further, the Green Trace compound has been specifically optimized for EV use. The tire’s aerodynamic sidewall design minimizes air resistance, as all the lettering is embedded.  

NOKIAN TYRES Hakkapeliitta® R5 EV – Pure Safety and Silence 

  • Pure winter grip and balanced handling 

  • Eco-friendly mobility and increased range 

  • Ultra-low sound levels with SilentDrive™ technology 

Rigorous testing at the extremes 

Developing the world’s best winter tires requires more than four years of research and development, with countless kilometers of testing in actual operating environments. The development work of tread patterns, structures and rubber compounds of the new Hakkapeliitta R5 required thousands of hours of computer modelling, laboratory comparisons and authentic testing in varying conditions, especially in Arctic Lapland at Nokian Tyres' own White Hell testing center in Finland. The Hakkapeliitta R5 represents the Scandinavian premium quality and state-of-the-art expertise Nokian Tyres is known for. 

Tread wear indicator – for your safety 

The patented Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) in the tread further improves safety. It displays the remaining tread in millimeters together with a snowflake symbol. The snowflake remains visible until four millimeters of tread remain. Once the snowflake has worn out, purchasing new winter tires is recommended to help ensure driving stays safe. All the products in the Hakkapeliitta R5 family come with the EU tire label snow grip and ice grip markings indicating the suitability for northern winter conditions. 

Main innovations:  

Double Block Grip. Superior grip and handling. The new dual block structure ensures maximum grip on slippery winter surfaces. 

Arctic Grip Crystals. Impeccable ice grip. The microscopic, third-generation grip crystals are mixed in the tread rubber. These crystals work like built-in studs, creating sharp, tough grip edges inside the rubber. As the tire wears down, the crystals emerge and activate the much-needed grip reserve.   

3D Lock sipes. Precise and predictable handling. The self-locking 3D sipes lock the tread blocks together on road contact, which improves handling in turns and evasions. 

Green Trace compound. Safer and greener driving. Excellent winter grip under all temperatures, excellent mileage and low rolling resistance. The large amount of natural rubber keeps the compound flexible under all conditions. More than one third of the materials are renewable and recycled.  

SilentDrive™ technology. Comfort to the max. An exceptionally low sound level is achieved by adding a layer of acoustic foam on the inner liner of the tire. The acoustic foam absorbs resonance from the tire’s air cavity, resulting in lower noise levels and increased driving comfort. This technology is applied to the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV range. 

Silent Touch tread design. Comfortable and pleasant rolling. The improved comfort features of Hakkapeliitta R5 have been achieved by eliminating the most disturbing noise peaks.  

Aramid Sidewall Technology. Durability and protection for surprising situations. The sidewall compound is exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant and contains extremely strong Aramid fibers. The same material is utilized by the aerospace and defense industries. The Aramid fibers strengthen the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts and pressing against the wheel flange.  

This technology is applied to the Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV range. 

* Difference calculated based on fuel consumption results from independent magazine tests 2020-2021. The ratio between fuel consumption and the RRC was estimated at 5.5. Main competitors included Continental VikingContact 7, Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 2, Michelin X-Ice Snow, Pirelli Ice Zero FR and Bridgestone Blizzak Ice. Source: Assessment based on KPMG’S True value study 12/2021. 

** Calculations are based on a comparison of the fuel consumption and rolling resistance of Hakkapeliitta R5 to the fuel consumption and rolling resistance of other premium winter tires. Key assumptions used in the calculations are as follows: number of passenger cars in Finland, Sweden and in Norway, annual average mileage, and annual average fuel consumption. Winter tires are estimated to account for 45% of the mileage. The societal cost of carbon dioxide emissions has been calculated with an assumed price of 60 euros per ton of CO2 emissions, which is in line with the cost used by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the Ministry of Climate and Environment Norway and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Year 2020 not used for the calculation due to the COVID-19 skewing the figures. Source: Assessment based on KPMG’s True Value methodology 12/2021. 

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