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The EU tyre label’s top AA category is now a reality in winter tyres:

Nokian Tyres offers the world’s first AA class winter tyre in wet grip and fuel efficiency as well as the first winter tyre with class A wet grip for passenger cars

Nokian Tyres introduces the world’s first winter tyre in the EU tyre label’s top A category for wet grip and fuel efficiency, the Nokian WR SUV 3. Nokian Tyres also presents the world’s first winter tyre with A category wet grip for passenger cars, the Nokian WR D4. The exceptionally wide range of premium winter tyres available includes the new Nokian WR D4, Nokian WR SUV 3, Nokian WR C3 van tyre and Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyre as well as the Nokian WR A3 for high-performance cars and the multiple test winner Nokian WR D3

The revolutionary Nokian WR SUV 3 winter tyre for SUVs, which has the best wet grip and lowest fuel consumption in class A, can reduce braking distances by up to 18 metres on wet roads and save fuel by up to 0.6 l/100 km (size 265/50 R19 V). The Nokian Twin Trac SUV Silica rubber compound ensures the strongest grip as well as low fuel consumption, and the Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology provides excellent durability. The modern AA category Nokian WR SUV 3 is a genuine SUV winter tyre from the pioneer in winter safety and eco-friendly driving. It was developed specifically for European SUV drivers.

The new Nokian WR D4 winter tyre for passenger cars offers wet grip in the EU tyre label's best A class and is a grip champion with unique innovations. This versatile chameleon for winter roads provides safe driving on wet and snowy roads alike. The Nokian WR D4, as a supreme ruler of every type of winter weather from the pioneer in winter tyre technology, provides a firm grip in the rain, snow and slush and achieves the shortest braking distance in the varying European winter weather. The Nokian Block Optimized Siping and Nokian Twin Trac Silica rubber compound offer controlled handling and a firm grip in extreme driving situations.

Nokian WR SUV 3 with Nokian Twin Trac SUV Silica rubber compound and Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology

The new, green Nokian WR SUV 3 (size 265/50 R19 V) from the inventor of the winter tyre is ideally suited to versatile use on a variety of SUVs, such as the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Volkswagen Amarok, Volkswagen Touareg, Mercedes Benz ML, Jeep Grand Cherokee or Volvo XC 60.

Nokian WR SUV 3

The Finnish Nokian WR SUV 3 utilises Nokian’s unique know-how in extreme conditions and the masterful supremacy of all winter conditions as the leading winter tyre specialist in the world.

The Nokian Twin Trac SUV Silica rubber compound and Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology prove that the Nokian WR SUV 3 is well equipped for hard SUV use with its optimum durability in the new size 265/50 R19 V. These innovations guarantee that the driver has the firmest wet and snow grip the industry offers, coupled with high fuel efficiency, precise handling and excellent durability. These same technologies will also be used for the other Nokian Tyres winter tyres in the future.

The Nokian WR SUV 3 size 265/50 R19 V with AA category performance according to the EU tyre label is the most impressive innovation of this winter and the top model for SUV tyres. The Nokian WR SUV 3 has already won tests conducted by the German car magazines Auto Bild allrad, OFF ROAD and SUV MAGAZIN in other sizes in 2014. The tyre is available from tyre dealers in numerous sizes from 14 to 21 inches and speed categories T (190 km/h) to V (240 km/h).

The all-rounder Nokian WR D4: 18 metre shorter braking distance as the world’s first premium winter tyre with A category wet grip

As the world’s first premium winter tyre with the EU tyre label’s A category wet grip, the all-rounder Nokian WR D4 has an 18-metre shorter braking distance than category F tyres. Its Slush Blower combats aquaplaning in rain and slush. Nokian Block Optimized Siping provides firmer winter grip and enhanced handling. Each tread block and sipe in the stylish profile has a precise form and task.

Nokian WR D4

The Nokian Twin Trac Silica rubber compound offers outstanding grip,excellent durability and low fuel consumption thanks to its extremely low rolling resistance. The green, winter king Nokian WR D4 from the world record holder from Finland represents the new generation, following from the Nokian WR D3 which was a multiple test winner in the comparison tests conducted by car magazines such as in the German “Auto Bild” winter tyre test in 2014.

The comprehensive range of sizes for the Nokian WR D4 runs from 14 to 20 inches in the speed categories Q (160 km/h) to W (270 km/h). This versatile, multi-talented range offers sizes specifically for sporty driving but it has also been optimized for modern electric cars. Special models offer Flat Run technology, and many tyres are categorised as XL, the top load index for a car tyre. The many size options the winter champion offers have been developed specifically for use in Central Europe and are currently available from tyre dealers.

Nokian WR C3 van winter tyre offers flawless performance for the European winter

The new Nokian WR C3 winter tyre combats the extreme conditions of winter with its precise winter grip. Pump sipes guide water away on wet and icy roads thereby guaranteeing a safe grip. This tyre is designed for versatile use on transporters, delivery vehicles and vans in order to maximize safety and economy.

Nokian WR C3

The Finnish Nokian WR C3 winter tyre runs safely, durably and lightly on the city and countryside roads of Europe. In addition to its car-like ride comfort and extremely low rolling resistance, the new winter tyre optimizes the safety-enhancing features on icy, snow-covered and wet roads. These winter drive qualities are essential for professional drivers.

The wide range of Nokian WR C3 tyres offers versatility and high performance tailor-made for modern transporters, delivery vehicles and vans in 22 sizes from 14 to 17 inches. The new winter tyre family of the premium brand uses a tread profile for both lighter and heavier vehicles.

Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyre – safe year-round driving comfort – 2-in-1

The new high-performance Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyre family puts an end to the tyre-changing duty that gets on car drivers’ nerves each summer and winter. The Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyres are genuine winter and summer tyres combined – 2-in-1. These highlights of the revolutionary Nokian All-Weather tyre concept combine the reliable winter safety of Nokian winter tyres with the precise riding stability and exact handling of Nokian summer tyres. These top innovations guarantee comfortable and safe driving on European roads year-round.

Nokian Weatherproof

The multi-talented Nokian Weatherproof winter tyre+summer tyre is designed for drivers who want to drive safely in snow and slush in the winter, but also efficiently and effortlessly in the summer. Whereas conventional All-Season tyres are actually summer tyres with some winter driving features, the Nokian Weatherproof is both a genuine winter tyre for Central Europe and a top summer tyre in one.

The Finnish All-Weather tyres offer durable performance for modern cars, SUVs, vans and transporters. All the sizes in which these All-Weather tyres are available are officially licensed as winter tyres and have the snowflake symbol (3PMSF). The Nokian All-Weather tyres stand out from the usual All-Season tyres thanks to their enhanced winter performance.

The comfortable and durable Nokian Weatherproof SUV offers excellent handling on snow, dry and wet roads and even dangerous slush. The rubber used for its tread is specifically for powerful SUVs. It runs smoothly and economically all year.

Some All-Season tyres merely offer a mediocre performance in snow, ice and rain

Some drivers are clearly disappointed by their All-Season tyres. They won’t be disappointed with the new All-Weather tyres from Nokian Tyres. Some All-Season tyres are dangerous when the cold weather turns the roads into snowy, slushy and icy surfaces. These All-Season tyres may only perform mediocrely on wet and dry roads. With the unique combination of safety and carefree driving comfort in all weather, drivers no longer need to worry about the weather forecast with the new Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyre.

The new Nokian Weatherproof All-Weather tyre family 2-i-n1 offers one of the largest product ranges on the market for the All-Season tyre segment and includes sizes from 13 to 18 inches in the speed categories T (190 km/h), H (210 km/h) to V (240 km/h). The Nokian Weatherproof SUV is available from 16 to 19 inches in the speed categories H (210 km/h) and V (240 km/h). The new Nokian Weatherproof C with size options ranging from 14 to 16 inches in the speed categories R (170 km/h) to T (190 km/h) has been developed specifically for transporters, delivery vehicles and vans.

Nokian WR winter tyres are multiple test winners and have achieved numerous other test successes

Nokian WR winter tyres, which have been optimized to meet the Central European requirements, are multiple test winners and have achieved numerous other test successes. With the top rating “exemplary”, the Nokian WR D3 winter tyre was the test winner in the 2014 winter tyre test conducted by Auto Bild. Safe handling and short braking distances earned it the top mark ‘grade 2+ on snow’. As test winners, Nokian winter tyres also won the 2014 tests conducted by Auto Club Europa ACE, GTÜ (Germany’s largest inspection organisation of freelance certified inspectors), and Auto Bild allrad, OFF ROAD and SUV MAGAZIN, as well as Autoclub ARBÖ Austria. Nokian premium tyres were also awarded the top ratings “exemplary” and “very recommended”.

Large winter tyre range available from the premium brand Nokian Tyres

The premium brand Nokian Tyres offers a large range of winter tyres with the new models Nokian WR D4, Nokian WR SUV 3 and Nokian WR C3 van tyres as well as the new All-Weather tyre Nokian Weatherproof, rounded off with the sporty Nokian WR A3for high-performance cars and the predecessor model and multiple test winner Nokian WR D3. Numerous sizes from 13 to 21 inches in the speed categories Q (160 km/h) to W (270 km/h) are available with Nokian Tyres Satisfaction for almost all car models from tyre dealers either for changing onto existing wheels or on new wheels as a complete package.

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Nokian Tyres offers the world’s first AA class winter tyre in wet grip and fuel efficiency as well as the first winter tyre with class A wet grip for passenger cars (.pdf)
Nokian Tyres offers the world’s first AA class winter tyre in wet grip and fuel efficiency as well as the first winter tyre with class A wet grip for passenger cars (.docx)