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Nokian Tyres Snowproof is born for winter

Finnish premium tire company Nokian Tyres is introducing a new flagship range of winter tires by renewing their Central European winter portfolio. The extended and upgraded Nokian Tyres Snowproof family includes four tire models and covers a large variety of sizes from small family cars to large and heavy SUVs. A special new introduction to Central European drivers is the SilentDrive™ Technology.

The new Nokian Tyres Snowproof family is especially developed for Central European drivers ensuring uncompromising performance on snow, slush, and heavy rain. The tire family's most important characteristic is excellent safety in all driving conditions; the tires offer controlled and predictable driving feel whether you drive on speedy autobahns, busy urban traffic, or scenic Alpine roads.

The new Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2 for passenger cars and Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2 SUV for sport utility models and crossovers are made to deliver ultimate safety for the situations it is needed the most. The new, modern Snowproof product range offers an innovative combination of superior winter grip, stability, and driving comfort. The excellent safety properties of the product line are a direct result of the new, optimized tread designs, compound updates, rigorous testing, and relentless research.

- Winter comes with all kinds of weather variations – from deep, freezing ice, fluffy, glittery snow, heavy and damp sleet to wet and murky slush. All these are the conditions we thrive in. Our expertise is based on decades of research and testing, starting from the world’s first winter tire. You can easily argue that we are the connoisseurs of winter, says Tommi Alhola, Vice President of Passenger Car Tires, Central Europe for Nokian Tyres.

In addition to new tire models, the Snowproof family comes with a product upgrade. Previously known as WR Snowproof, the updated model continues in the market as Nokian Tyres Snowproof 1. This passenger car model’s improvements can be experienced especially during wet driving conditions. The stylish and sporty Nokian Tyres Snowproof P continues serving the Ultra-High-Performance section of the market. The upgraded Alpine Sense Grip concept ensures premium safety and reliability for daily driving.

The new Snowproof product range comes with a comprehensive selection of over 150 products covering sizes from 15 to 21 inches. The products come in the speed categories T (190 km/h), H (210 km/h) V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h). Most of the products are marked XL for the highest possible load capacity in their size. The new Snowproof product range will be available to consumers in autumn 2023.

The Snowproof product family is developed by Nokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost tire company and the inventor of the winter tire. Nokian Tyres is included in Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index and is one of the leaders in safety and sustainability in the tire industry. Nokian Tyres is committed to continuing on this journey by offering safe, smart, and sustainable mobility.


Born for winter

While winter weather can be fickle and unpredictable, your tires should never be. Continuous improvement from one tire generation to the next is deeply rooted in Nokian Tyres’ development philosophy.

-  Our main mission is safety. Our products are designed to perform on the worst of winter days, offering an extra layer of safety when needed the most. The deep understanding of winter conditions that we have accumulated over the decades is evident in the superb safety features of our tires especially on snow, slush and wet. While working on the new Snowproof family, we have focused on improving the overall wet performance and winter grip, while also increasing the driving comfort, says Nokian Tyres Development Manager Jarno Röytiö.

The Alpine Sense Grip concept is the common feature in all Snowproof products. It is a unique combination of exceptional grip and predictable and balanced driving feel in all winter conditions. The concept consists of the tread pattern, the siping and the rubber compound working together supporting safe and comfortable driving. The concept ensures balanced handling and effortless control even in surprising situations.

Research shows that slush is one of the most dangerous and feared elements of winter. The combination of melting snow, the water cushion on the road surface, and potential ice can be dangerous even for an expert driver. Slushplaning prevention was also a particular focus area for the Snowproof development team. The unique slushplaning testing method available at the Nokia test track allowed for the long-term development of the slush characteristics.

- Figuratively speaking, Snowproof acts like a seat belt. It remains controlled and predictable at the grip limits and adapts to changing weather variations. This provides the much-needed grip and control in situations you need it the most, even before the car’s electronic safety systems are activated, Röytiö continues.


Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2 – The snow expert

The new Nokian Tyres Snowproof 2 covers all winter driving conditions with predictable handling and specialized safety features for wet, dry, slushy, and snowy roads. Some of the major safety leaps have been achieved in snow properties, aquaplaning and wet handling.

The Alpine Sense Grip concept has been updated. The Alpine Sense Grip 2.0 consists of new, V-shaped tread pattern, 3D siping and Alpine Grip 2.0 compound. The tread design effectively removes snow and slush from between the tire and the road, while the tailored, 3D siping ensures excellent lateral and longitudinal grip even in deep snow. The Alpine Grip 2.0 compound tackles demanding and cold winter conditions, while offering excellent performance in milder weather. It responds reliably to the rise and drop of temperature, as the increased amount of resins and functionalized polymers in the compound keep it flexible yet grippy in a wide range of conditions.

The renewed compound also comes with a high silica content, resulting in improved wet grip. The rolling resistance is on a premium level as well. Low rolling generates energy savings and reduces harmful emissions.

To provide maximum comfort and first-class safety, the tread area of the tire is divided into two functional zones. The Dual Zone Safety concept consists of the Grip Zone, which ensures impressive winter grip, while the Handling Zone offers control and stability. The Grip Zone next to the center area of the tread comes with small blocks and aggressive siping. This design improves snow traction and braking properties. The Handling Zone consists of stiff shoulder blocks with a connected center area, which contributes to the excellent handling properties on dry roads and at high speeds.

- One of the most difficult driving conditions to handle is slush, especially when it forms between lanes on a busy highway. Designed to prevent dangerous slushplaning, the Hydroflow Grooves on the tread will effectively remove water and slush from between the tire and the road. These grooves have been designed to open a clear path for the tire to pump water away from the road surface. This results in stable and reliable grip on slushy and wet roads, Röytiö explains.

  • Premium winter grip especially on snow
  • Superb wet grip and aquaplaning prevention
  • Balanced handling and maximum driving comfort


Snowproof 2 SUV – Control, comfort, durability

The new Snowproof 2 SUV is tailored to meet the needs of powerful and tall SUVs. The robust and durable 2-ply structure combined with uniquely reinforced sidewalls ensure that the tire is stable and can withstand all of the hits and bumps that occur while driving. Equipped with the same safety features and modern technology as the passenger car model, Snowproof 2 SUV offers more durability and stability while managing the high wheel loads precisely and reliably.

- Powerful SUVs demand a lot from tires. Tires must be strong and firm to keep tall, heavy vehicles stable, even at high speeds and in poor road conditions. Heavy rainfall and slush can cause treacherous conditions and increase the chance of aquaplaning. Snow on the roads can be watery and slushy as roads are heavily salted. When handling a heavy SUV, especially at high speeds, it is necessary that the tires are suited for all of these conditions. The versatile winter characteristics, excellent handling, and an SUV specific construction make the Snowproof 2 SUV an optimal choice for Central European SUV drivers, Röytiö elaborates.

The SUV driver’s peace of mind is built on a new tread design that ensures first-class winter grip as well as precise and comfortable handling. The Dual Zone Safety concept ensures impressive winter grip, control, and stability. The strong SUV structure and large shoulder blocks on the tread provide additional strength for large vehicles.

The Snowproof 2 SUV offers excellent traction on snowy roads even when the temperatures drop. The Alpine Grip 2.0 compound stays flexible and grippy even in very cold weather. Wet grip is optimized by the high silica content. This new compound together with the tread pattern also provides low rolling resistance, which means less energy expenses.

The Snow Boosters offer better braking grip on snow. The boosters effectively grip the surface when driving on soft snow, providing high-class safety/control. The sharp, saw-like pattern of the boosters improve the longitudinal grip that is needed for braking and accelerating.

Like all Nokian Tyres SUV products, Snowproof 2 SUV is equipped with Aramid Strong Sidewalls. The Aramid Sidewall technology offers durability and protection for demanding driving conditions. The strong, synthetic Aramid fiber added to the compound makes the tire more resistant to impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily break it. Accidental tire damage can come with a high cost, but the strong sidewalls protect the tire and may even prevent damage altogether.

  • Premium winter grip especially on snow
  • Superb wet performance
  • Balanced handling and increased stability
  • Aramid Strong Sidewalls for durability and protection


SilentDrive™ Technology elevates driving comfort to the max

A special new introduction to the Nokian Tyres Snowproof family is the SilentDrive™ Technology. Successfully used already in Nokian Tyres winter tires for the Nordic market, this modern, innovative technology is designed and developed with environmental friendliness and driving comfort in mind.

- Electric vehicles are quiet, which makes low rolling noise a question of comfort. As the tire rolls on the road, it makes an impact on the road surface. This impact causes annoying noise peaks, which the SilentDrive™ Technology absorbs. This results in lower noise levels, less interior noise and added driving comfort. This is a key factor, not only because of the overall noise levels, but also to make the journey more comfortable and less exhausting for the driver, says Hannu Onnela, Senior Development engineer for Nokian Tyres.

The exceptionally low sound levels are achieved by adding a light layer of acoustic foam to the inner liner of the tire. The SilentDrive Technology will first be introduced in Snowproof 2 SUV sizes that will cover 40 new premium car models available on the market.


Nokian Tyres Snowproof 1 – Reliability on rain

Nokian Tyres Snowproof 1 is a trusty performer for all daily driving conditions. Ensuring reliable grip on snow and slush, the updated Alpine Sense Grip concept masters all the wintry weather challenges while offering safe and predictable driving.

- The varying winter weather caused by climate change means that a large part of winter driving in Central Europe will take place on rain-soaked or bare asphalt roads. The tread pattern is optimized for balanced road contact as well as a quick and predictable steering response. The Alpine Sense Grip concept is a combination of reliable grip on snow, slush, balance, and effortless handling, says Röytiö.

The updated, arrow-like tread pattern effectively removes snow and slush from between the tire and the road. Alpine Grip rubber compound has been further developed for and improved driving experience in wet conditions. The dense siping on the tread ensures excellent lateral and longitudinal grip even in deep snow. The stiff shoulder blocks have heavy sipes for traction, improving grip on snow and handling during cornering.

A strong, unified rib that can be felt as an excellent steering response and stability dominates the tire’s center region. Tread blocks with a heavy zigzag sipe pattern connect to the sturdy rib on both sides in the shape of a growing tree. The sharp zigzag edges open and close during braking and acceleration to improve grip.

The multifaceted Snow Claws between the tread blocks and in the shoulder areas provide balanced grip on ice and snow, particularly when braking and accelerating. The Brake Boosters on the tread blocks do their part to improve the excellent braking grip.

  • Reliable on snow and slush
  • Excellent wet performance
  • Stable and comfortable driving experience


Uncompromising testing – for your safety

The Nokian Tyres Snowproof range represents the Scandinavian premium quality and state-of-the-art expertise that Nokian Tyres is known for. The development includes testing in Lapland’s arctic conditions at Nokian Tyres' own testing center White Hell in Ivalo, Finland.

- In addition to winter testing in White Hell, the wet, slushy, and dry road characteristics were fine-tuned at our other own testing facilities Hakka Ring, Spain and Nokia, Finland. The tread patterns, structures, and rubber compounds represent our state-of-the-art expertise and have required thousands of hours of computer modeling, laboratory comparisons and authentic testing in varying conditions, says Röytiö.

Worn tire performance is one of the topical issues in the tire industry and the technical requirements will be introduced by UN regulation in 2024. During the development of the Snowproof family Nokian Tyres has also carried out significant amount of work in this specific area.

- According to our tests, the new Snowproof winter tires retain worn tire wet grip characteristics at the same or even higher level than their premium competitors, especially regarding safety when driving in wet conditions. The tires stop precisely and retain grip during sudden lane changes, he concludes.


Patented safety

For added safety, the tread contains a Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) patented by Nokian Tyres. The snowflake symbol or Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) remains visible to a groove depth of four millimeters. Once the snowflake has worn out, purchasing new winter tires to ensure sufficient safety is recommended.

The location and pressure indicators on the information area on the tire’s sidewall also improve safety. The information area allows for recording the correct inflation pressure and installation location when changing the tires. Comfort and safety are improved further by an additional section that can be used to record the tightening torque of bolts.


At your service – Nokian Tyres Consumer promises

To make tire purchasing less stressful, Nokian Tyres offers consumers various guarantees and services. This gives consumers the perfect opportunity to explore Nokian Tyres’ premium performance totally risk-fee. The selected tires are offered with a Satisfaction Guarantee, a Tire Guarantee in case of accidental puncture, as well as the new SUV models with Aramid Technology with an Aramid Guarantee.


Main innovations:

Alpine Sense Grip. Excellent winter grip on snow, slush, and wet. The optimized tread design effectively removes snow and slush from between the tire and the road while the tailored siping ensures excellent lateral and longitudinal grip even in deep snow. The Alpine Grip compound tackles the demanding and cold winter conditions, while offering excellent performance in milder weather across a wide temperature range.

Dual Zone Safety. The Dual Zone Safety concept consists of two functional zones. The Grip Zone ensures impressive winter grip, while the Handling Zone offers control and stability.

Alpine Grip Compound. New tread compound improves the wet properties while offering reliable performance in a wide temperature range. Low rolling resistance generates fuel savings and cuts down on harmful emissions.

Snow Boosters. Improved snow grip. The Snow Boosters effectively grip the surface when driving on soft snow, providing high-class grip. The sharp, saw-like pattern of the boosters improve longitudinal grip needed for braking and accelerating.

SilentDrive™ technology. Comfort to the max. Exceptionally low sound level is achieved by adding a layer of acoustic foam on the inner liner of the tire. The acoustic foam absorbs resonance from the tire’s air cavity, resulting in lower noise levels and increased driving comfort.

Aramid Strong Sidewalls. Durability and protection for surprising situations. The sidewall compound containing extremely strong Aramid fibers is exceptionally durable and puncture resistant. The Aramid fibers strengthen the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts and cuts.


Nokian Tyres Snowproof – Born for winter

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