Tyre safety

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In terms of safety, the most important characteristics are wet grip and the tyre's ability to resist aquaplaning. In terms of driving comfort, a low noise level is important. Low rolling resistance will decrease the car's fuel consumption and reduce environmentally harmful emissions.

European regulations specify labeling requirements with regard to the fuel economy, wet grip, and rolling noise of tyres. The markings are not found on the tyres themselves: consult the manufacturer's website or stickers affixed to new tyres.

Good summer tyres ensure safety, particularly in rainy weather. The key characteristic in preventing aquaplaning is the ability of the tyre's tread pattern to displace water from between the road and the tyre. For summer tyres, it is good to have at least 4 mm of tread remaining.

Wet grip and the ability to resist aquaplaning are the more important characteristics of a summer tyre. In addition, low noise levels create a better driving experience and low rolling resistance decreases the car’s fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

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