What if the pressure is too low?

The incorrect tyre pressure may have serious consequences when driving, particularly if the pressure is too low. If the tyre pressure is too low, the car's driving characteristics will be weaker and maneuverability will suffer in situations such as aquaplaning. Low tyre pressure also increases the braking distance. According to tests conducted by ADAC, the German motoring association, if the pressure of one of the front tyres is 1 bar (100 kPa) lower than the recommended pressure, the braking distance increases by about ten meters on wet roads. If the pressure of all of the tyres is 1 bar lower than recommended, the lateral grip of the tyres will be weakened by up to 55 percent. Low tyre pressures also cause the tyres to wear, reduce their durability, and may lead to breakage. If the pressure of the tyres is approximately 30 percent too low, the tyres' useful lives will be reduced by half. When the tyre pressures are appropriate, driving comfort will be maximized and the tyre will steer precisely and roll lightly, saving fuel.

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