Nokian Tyres Soil King VF - Next level efficiency in organic farming

Nokian Tyres Soil King VF - Next level efficiency in organic farming

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Working in the fields demands a lot from the tire. In the Jalasto organic farm at Kauhava, Finland, the tire has to be especially gentle to the soil beneath. But it must also be highly versatile, as the typical farming day consists of endless transitions from field to road and vice-versa.

“Nokian Tyres Soil King VF tire is very smooth to drive both on the road and on the field. I have been able to drive full trailer loads with low pressure, and I have also increased the driving speed on fields.”

Farmer Hermanni Huhtala knows this well, and he thinks Nokian Tyres Soil King VF delivers on both fronts.

“The driving is so smooth I can even increase my speed out on the field.”

Huhtala’s work demands excellent grip and traction, and those his tire of choice of course delivers. But Huhtala can never compromise soil-friendliness. During his working days, he has to drive repeatedly on the same field, and on those fields grow anything from organic potatoes to specialized crops.

“We have to avoid soil compaction”, Huhtala sums it up.

When it comes to driving on the road, Nokian Tyres Soil King VF tires offer precise steering and handling capabilities. Those qualities are of crucial importance, as the roads, as Huhtala brings up, are of various conditions, putting tires to a real test.

“Again, these tires deliver”, Huhtala praises and adds: “I am able to drive full loads with low pressure.”

Nokian Tyres Soil King VF test user and farmer Hermanni Huhtala, Jalasto farms