Trailer tires for agricultural use

Trailer tires for agricultural use

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In farming and agricultural contracting work, tractor-driven trailers have many uses in transporting produce, fodder, soil, silt, and other materials. What’s common for most of the transports is that loading or unloading often takes place on fields or other soft soil. This sets high demands on trailer tire stability, particularly on uneven ground. 

Tractor trailer tires for carrying big loads

Today’s powerful tractors and large tipping trailers enable high loads of up to tens of tons when carrying sand, stone, or liquids. Carrying such weight on a soft field calls for flotation tires with good flotation properties and low surface pressure. Nokian Tyres CT is the ultimate tractor trailer tire for heavy-duty transport. It is an unparalleled trailer tire in endurance, load-bearing capacity, and puncture protection.

Trailer tires for soggy fields

Soil compression is not desirable, as damaged soil can reduce the crops and make the field more difficult to drive. Nokian Tyres ELS is a flotation trailer tire that carries heavy loads with minimal soil compression and has excellent properties on the field. If you drive more on the field than on the road, it is the trailer tire of choice. 

Improved stability and safety

For a safe and smooth working day, a trailer operator appreciates stability behind the wheel. This improves the overall predictability of handling and loading when driving heavy machinery, such as a tractor. Nokian Tyres CT flotation tractor trailer tires have impressed many with their stability. The trailer stays put while loading thanks to its good lateral grip, unmatched by other flotation tractor tires.

Trailer tires for road use

Nowadays trailer tires must perform even at relatively high road speeds while minimizing noise and vibration. The block-patterned Nokian Tyres Country King is the tire of choice when most of the driving takes place on the road. Used in farming and municipal work, its reliability, grip, self-cleaning, and long service life have proven its value as a quality tractor trailer tire.

Efficiency for everyday use

While work on the field and farmyard includes the risk of sudden tire damage, use on the road can wear out tires faster than you would like. The Nokian Tyres CT trailer tires are famous for their legendary service life as well as protection against cuts and punctures. Road properties of the tires drastically increase the efficiency of on-road transports. The Nokian Tyres ELS trailer tires, on the other hand, can increase the efficiency of fieldwork with their advanced flotation features.

Tire replacement

Tire change is also an opportunity for an upgrade. Trailer properties can often be improved with tires that optimally support the job at hand. With carefully selected new trailer tires, you can enjoy more efficient working days, lower cost of ownership with the increased service life as well as safety and comfort. Your Nokian Tyres dealer will support you in finding a suitable replacement tire for your tractor trailer.

3 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres ELS

Nokian Tyres ELS

Radial Tubeless Steel belted
Light touch for the environment
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Nokian Tyres Country King

Nokian Tyres Country King

Radial Tubeless Steel belted Tread depth indicator
Sturdy and versatile flotation tire
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Nokian Tyres CT

Nokian Tyres CT

Radial Tubeless Steel belted Puncture protection
Stability for transporting high loads
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Radial tires and bias tires

Depending on the performance and tire size, we can categorize trailer tires into two essential categories: radial tires and bias tires. A rule of thumb when choosing between radial tires and bias tires is to keep the same tire size and load range on all wheels of the trailer, and not mix between the two different trailer tires.

Radial tires

The radial tire has belts positioned at 90 degree angles in relation to the thread center line. These trailer tires maintain their round shape even when standing still for extended periods of time and have an outstanding service life. If you are looking for a trailer tire that manages to perform desirably at high speeds and reduces the rolling resistance to achieve a smooth and secure ride, the radial tire might be your trailer tire of choice.

Bias ply tires (diagonal tires)

A bias ply tire, or a diagonal tire, is constructed with belts positioned at 30-45 degree angles in relation to the thread center line. These tires possess superb stability due to the stiff sidewalls of the wheel. The increased flexibility and the excellent traction levels of bias tires at low speeds make them suitable for various types of trailer-rides.

Checklist for the optimal trailer tire

  • Excellent flotation in order to minimize the damage to the surface
  • High stability to reduce the swings of the trailer when driving
  • Construction type - radial or bias trailer tires?
  • Maximized load range for carrying sand, stone, liquid, or other heavy materials
  • Remember to match your choice of tires with the weight capacity of your trailer

Get to know the entire selection of heavy agricultural tires by Nokian Tyres. Download the technical tire manual and choose the correct tire for your trailer and other machines on the farm.