Military truck tires

Military truck tires

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Modern militaries need transportation vehicles that are both high-performance and able to drive on versatile terrains, such as dense forests and paths with deep mud. Nokian Tyres has designed military truck tires that offer outstanding traction and durability, making them the truck tires of choice for extreme military operations even in the most challenging conditions.

One of the most important jobs for military trucks is to relocate forces and large amounts of supplies fast in challenging environments. Some of the vehicles also function as gun carriages or pullers, which highlights the need for a stable and easy-to-handle drive. Nokian Tyres offers options for military vehicle needs with tires that provide amazing grip both on and off-road, extreme durability and sturdiness.  

Special features for military use

With the possibility to equip military vehicle tires with a run-flat device, Nokian Tyres offers tire strength that can withstand even a bullet or fragment. As our military tires are tested in cooperation with the Finnish Defense Forces, you are always prepared for anything while executing different types of military tasks.  

Durability on and off-road in all conditions

Even soft terrain, sharp stones or challenging roads will not compromise the performance of agile military truck tires. They also offer traction and durability suitable for demanding military operations all around the world. The cold and snowy Nordic winters will not slow you down thanks to the tires’ tread grooves and a bigger arrow-shaped block angle designed for an outstanding grip.

Effortless steering with high load range

Besides the fact that military tires from Nokian Tyres allow the machine to manage in even the most demanding of conditions, the tires are also engineered to make the driver’s experience as comfortable as possible. Even with a high load range and varying speeds, these tires can be steered with confidence in every military business. The symmetrical tread pattern of the wheels ensure an equal performance regardless of the rotational direction of the tire. This allows for additional stability and confidence on the go. 

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Nokian Tyres MPT Agile 2

Nokian Tyres MPT Agile 2

Mud snow Chain use Studdable Tread depth indicator
New generation tire for special on and off-road vehicles
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Nokian Tyres MPT Agile

Nokian Tyres MPT Agile

Studdable Driving safety indicator Snowflake Mud snow
On and off road agility
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Peace of mind with safe military tires

As high tire pressure increases the risk of explosion and many other health risks, the dangers of working with heavy military tires need to be considered. Recognizing possible problems in advance and controlling them is extremely important to minimize all risks of damage and harm caused by the tires. Our technical manual for military tires will be your tool in finding the right choice for your work, with a promise of carefree working hours.

Nokian Tyres MPT Agile

Nokian Tyres MPT Agile tire is designed for both military vehicles and all-terrain trucks.  The tire can be equipped with a run-flat device, which means that even a bullet or fragment hitting the tire will not stop your truck from carrying out its mission. As the tires are tested in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces, they are a perfect match for Nordic weather conditions.

Nokian Tyres MPT Agile 2

You need high mobility on all surfaces, especially during critical rescue and defence missions that can put great demands on your military vehicle and its tires. The Nokian Tyres MPT Agile 2 tires were designed with special attention to both on and off-road driving properties as well as reliability in the most challenging of situations. With these special demands of a top-of-the-class military tire in mind, the Nokian Tyres MPT Agile 2 can offer you stable handling on different terrains and speeds.  

Features of military truck tires

Choosing military tires equipped with the right attributes can be tricky. For an optimal performance in every occasion, your tires should have:

  • Good steering response
  • Tire strength and features that prevent flat tires
  • Stability and reliability, especially if your military machine carries passengers
  • A robust construction and adequate pattering
  • Traction and durability also with a high load range
  • A great tire grip on both soft and firm surfaces? Choose all-terrain military truck tires.

Get familiar with all military tires for both on and off road use from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual to learn more. Find the best tire for all your machinery from Nokian Tyres and experience an optimal performance in every location.