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For varying Nordic conditions

In critical rescue and defense applications, you will need high mobility on whatever surface the job at hand takes you. Nokian MPT Agile 2 tire is an off-road tire developed in co-operation with The Finnish Defense Forces for varying Nordic conditions.

Reliability in all conditions

Special attention has been paid for both on and off-road driving properties as well as reliability, making the tire very suitable for all-terrain trucks, defense and heavy rescue vehicles.

Improved grip 

Nokian MPT Agile 2 tire has mproved grip on soft surfaces such as mud and snow.

Good steering response

Nokian MPT Agile 2 tire offers good steering response and stable handling on different terrains and speeds. Symmetrical tread pattern is designed to perform equally well regardless of the tires' rotational direction.

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Nokian MPT Agile 2 - New generation tire for special on and off-road vehicles

Recommended usage areas

Terrain vehicles and armoured military vehicles

Suitable terrains

Rough On and off road

Technical specifications


760 kPa110 psi, 90 km/h 5000 kg56 mph 11023 lbs

LI / SSWheel diameterPermitted rimsTyre widthTyre diameterStatic loaded radiusTread depth in mm
164 G 20 in 10.00V, 10.00W 400 mm0 in 1270 mm0 in 588 mm0 in - mm
LI / SS 164 G
Wheel diameter 20 in
Permitted rims 10.00V, 10.00W
Tyre width 400 mm0 in
Tyre diameter 1270 mm0 in
Static loaded radius 588 mm0 in
Tread depth in mm - mm
Rolling circumferenceSpeed radius indexMax inflation pressurePR
3989 mm0 in [object Object] 760 kPa110 psi -
Rolling circumference 3989 mm0 in
Speed radius index
Max inflation pressure 760 kPa110 psi
PR -
Load capacityProduct code
90 km/h 5000 kg56 mph 11023 lbs T445651
Load capacity 90 km/h 5000 kg56 mph 11023 lbs
Product code T445651

Tire safety

Tire pressure entails a serious risk of explosion, the highly powerful tire machines impose danger, and working with tires also features a number of other health risks. The most important thing is to recognise risks in advance and act efficiently to control them.

Technical manual

Our technical manual will be your tool in finding the right tire for your work, with a promise on carefree working hours.  In addition to tire and supplementary item information, this manual focuses on the special necessities and requirements in each product category. 

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Nokian Tyres press material bank includes, for example the most recent product photos and brochures, videos and technical manuals and press kits. The product photos may be used in newspaper articles, etc., as long as the source is mentioned.