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Backhoe loader tires

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In skilled hands, a backhoe loader is a true multi-purpose tool capable of versatile work with a wide variety of attachments available. To make the most of your machinery, it’s always a good idea to use quality backhoe loader tires that support your work in an optimal way. Nokian Tyres has some dedicated tire solutions for backhoe loader contracting.

As with any machine contracting work today, the trend in backhoe loaders leans towards heavier, more powerful machines, a wider range of different jobs and longer, faster road transports. So, versatility is key with loader tires as well. On the other hand, there are some highly specialized jobs such as railway use that set special requirements for backhoe loader tires.   

Loader tires for mud and the road

For tires, it makes a big difference where you drive and work. On very soft surfaces, the soil can block your tire treads if the tires don’t have sufficient self-cleaning properties. The abrasion of the urban environment and paved roads, on the other hand, can cause excessive tire wear and reduced service life.

To deal optimally with both, Nokian Tyres has developed the Nokian Tyres Ground Kare tire for backhoe loaders and wheeled excavators. Nokian Tyres Ground Kare offers good self-cleaning properties, thanks to large grooves on the outer edges of the tire. The excellent road properties of Ground Kare ensure smooth transitions between worksites as well as a good tire service life.  

Heavy but gentle

Whenever you work on soil with planted vegetation, be it a park or a field, you’ll appreciate a backhoe loader tire with low surface pressure. Low surface pressure helps to minimize damage to the soil. What’s more, your backhoe loader will be more controllable and have better traction with the right type of tire. Nokian Tyres Ground Kare has a purpose-built tread with a low surface pressure combined with great traction.

While being gentle on the soil, the Nokian Tyres Ground Kare can also carry impressively heavy loads. This becomes particularly important when using heavy auxiliary equipment on your backhoe loader. Because of its superior load-bearing capacity, the Nokian Tyres Ground Kare gives you more options when it comes to choosing different work attachments. 

Safety and stability

For accurate excavation work and comfortable road transports, your tire should provide outstanding stability. Well-designed loader tires absorb all the swings and shocks efficiently, making your work less stressful. The Nokian Tyres Ground Kare backhoe loader tire excels in this area, making a real difference in your work. What’s more, it features a steel belt for good protection against cuts and cracks. This comes particularly useful on worksites littered with iron debris, tools and sharp rocks.

Loader tires also for railroads

Railroad maintenance puts very special demands on a tire. That’s why Nokian Tyres Ground Kare is available as a special semi-slick version with a slick tread against the railway tracks. This reduces asymmetrical wear of the tire while improving both usability and service life.

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Nokian Tyres Ground Kare

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare

Comfort Damping Steel belted Tubeless Diagonal Steel fortified
Excavator and backhoe loader tire for versatile contracting work
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Different types of loaders

If your primary job duty is earthmoving and it involves a significant amount of loading and moving diverse materials, you need to be equipped with suitable machinery. The main differences between loaders are related to their size, loading capacity and horsepower. We have listed the most common loader types to help you navigate through different options and find the right fit for your work.

Backhoe loader

Backhoe loaders can be seen on most construction sites as they are commonly used in earthmoving. The unique design of backhoe loaders has a loading bucket end in the front and a hoe attachment in the back, making the backhoe loader suitable for a number of tasks. The bucket end in the front can be used for leveling the ground, cleaning up after an excavation job and loading or moving sand and gravel. The hoe attachment in the back is a great piece of equipment for digging, gripping and ripping versatile materials.  

Skid steer loader

Skid steer loaders are another type of earthmover that can be seen on countless construction sites. Skid steer loaders are engineered with a special mobility system for outstanding performances in light work and fast-moving dynamics in tight spaces. Skid steer loaders can be used inside buildings under construction, for instance. Since steering is done with a skidding technique, the vehicle is able to turn within its own radius.  

Multi-terrain loaders and compact track loaders

The steering techniques of multi-terrain loaders and compact track loaders are similar in many ways. However, they are considered two different machines in the construction industry. Both multi-terrain loaders and compact track loaders are able to turn 360 degrees within their own dimension, but the difference lies in the undercarriage and suspension design. Multi-terrain loaders have a light footprint and therefore can operate in terrains where a regular tracked loader would either sink or be unable to function, for example in snow or sand. Compact track loaders, on the other hand, are suitable for more solid surface conditions since they have maximum traction and stability due to their even weight distribution. 

Wheel loader

For labor where moving massive amounts of dirt quickly is crucial, a wheel loader may be the perfect vehicle. Wheel loaders are available in several different sizes, all of which are capable of heavy-duty lifting. The categories of wheel loaders include small, medium and large wheel loaders. Front-end wheel loaders can be considered forerunners of fast and simple material moving. Thus, they are multi-purpose vehicles for any construction or off-road work. 

Track loader

Occasionally, having machinery with tracks instead of wheels may be a better fit for the job. When compared to wheel loaders, track loaders can be more reliable on bumpy off-road job sites and in more demanding conditions. A track loader can help you maximize productivity and durability in waste handling, construction or earthmoving tasks.

Explore the different loader tire options for off-road use from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual for more info. Find the best model for your machine from Nokian Tyres and experience optimal performance in every location.